Your wedding was cancelled because of COVID-19, now what?

Your Wedding Was Cancelled Because of COVID-19, Now What?

Rescheduling Tips

If you’ve found yourself having to cancel your wedding because of COVID-19, you’re not alone. Thousands of brides in North Carolina and across the nation are having to do the same thing. Some have chosen to go on with their original plans, but doing so online with a virtual wedding, while others have downsized to a handful of close family and friends for a socially distanced outdoor celebration.

If you’re like most of these brides, you’ve most likely decided to reschedule your wedding for another month down the road. Therefore, this article examines options for fall weddings and tips for rescheduling your wedding.

No one wants to postpone their wedding, but when a pandemic is involved, it’s inevitable. So many brides and grooms are facing this reality after spending months planning spring and summer weddings. The restrictions on gatherings and travel make a wedding in the next couple of months impossible unless of course you’re throwing a virtual wedding from the comfort of your backyard.

It’s a difficult decision to make, and rescheduling and re-planning a wedding can be overwhelming. However, you’ve got plenty of time now to plan during quarantine, so let’s get cracking!

Cancel Custom Orders Immediately

Write down the contact information for each vendor with whom you’ve scheduled custom orders and cancel immediately. This includes:

  • Caterers and bakers
  • Stationery designers
  • Photographers
  • Wedding rentals- tent, lighting, linen
  • Florist
  • Reception Venue

Remember, these business plans far in advance, so you may think you’re giving them a good head’s up by cancelling two months ahead of time, but that’s a bit late in terms of wedding planning. These businesses are already experiencing financial devastation as it is, so giving them more advanced notice is a nice gesture.

Get the Word out

Letting your guests know that your wedding will be postponed should be done quickly. Sending an email to all the guests is the fastest way to notify them of the postponement. They can then cancel hotel and travel reservations. In the email, let your guests know that you plan to reschedule the wedding and remind them to look out for the new wedding date in the coming months.

Also, it’s a good idea to call the hotel you recommended for guests. That way you can relay the cancellation policy information to guests in the email.

Reschedule Now

If you’re rescheduling your wedding, first call the wedding venue you plan to reserve. Find out the future dates available for wedding and reception. Try to keep an open mind to Fridays and Sundays as well as off-peak months when rescheduling. Late summer and early fall are going to be extremely popular in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. When choosing your new wedding date, keep in mind that it will take a while for people to feel comfortable once again traveling. No one wants to reschedule twice, so perhaps shoot for fall. When rescheduling, be sure to put all changes with the vendor in writing whether that be an email confirmation from the vendor or an addendum to the contract.

Given all of the advantages Raleigh has to offer in terms of weather, scenery, and unique venues, choosing a winter wedding is a no-brainer! And so is calling J&J Tent to find out all the ways we can help enhance your special day, no matter where you ultimately choose to host it. Give us a call at (919) 977-3691 or check out our Wedding Booking Page for more information and some really great, expert advice.

Want to learn more about fall and winter weddings? We’ve compiled our research into a few blog articles about these popular wedding seasons.

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