Why Renting Party Items is Smarter than Buying

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Most of us have parties regularly enough. It’s fun to invite a small crowd over for birthdays, holiday celebrations, and campfires. You don’t usually have do anything crazy to plan these. There aren’t too many people attending, you usually have plenty of entertainment around, paper plates and plastic utensils will suffice.

But occasionally, we have a really special occasion – something big, something that only happens once … a milestone. These often involve some more in-depth planning, a much larger guest list, and the need to secure items we don’t often have on hand. While it might seem prudent to try and save money by finding friends and family who can lend necessities for the event, or clipping coupons and collecting Kohl’s cash to buy big ticket items, there are times when renting your party essentials from a professional rental companyjust makes a lot more sense.

When You’ve Invited a Big Crowd

If you’re planning an event and want the accompanying décor to be a bit nicer than paper and plastic, you could find a bulk supplier of tableware, pay an arm and a leg for items you’ll never use again, and spend the entire day after the event cleaning everything. Or you could rent what you need, have it delivered just before and picked up just after the party, and never have to think about it again.

When You Have Nowhere to Store Excess Party Supplies

Even if you’re the best bargain hunter in the world, and you found an amazing deal on tableware, (and tables, and chairs), where are you going to put them? Most people don’t have extra storage available for bulky party items. Renting equipment means it’s brought to you when you need it, and gone when you’re done.

When It Requires Ladders, Equipment, and Manpower to Set Up

Have you ever tried to set up an industrial tent or lay a dance floor down? It’s not just a matter of pushing buttons and sliding poles up and down. Rental companies have experienced staff on hand who know how to set up tents, secure them properly, and string lights. They have specialized equipment and the manpower needed to lift heavy items and move them to sites that aren’t always easily accessible. Why deal with this yourself, when you have so many other details to attend to anyway?

When You Need Hard-to-Find Specialty Items

Do you need an industrial popcorn machine? Movie projection equipment? A mobile bar? These aren’t necessarily easy items to find, nor are they inexpensive. Instead of wasting a ton of time searching for an obscure, local supplier or having the items shipped across country from an unfamiliar supplier, check with your rental company – they have far more resources to be able to secure the item more easily, plus they’ll know about any special electrical or technical requirements needed to make things work properly.

If you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime event in the Raleigh area – something big, something themed, something that’s likely to draw a huge crowd – contact us at 919-977-3691 before you do anything else so we can show you how much easier the planning process could be.


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