What Size Tent Do You Need?

Tips to Finding the Best Size for Your Event

Finding the right size rental tent can help pull everything together, no matter what type of outdoor event you’re planning. While you can’t predict the weather, you can decide on the size of the tent to accommodate your guests and provide an elegant space to celebrate.

Crowd Control

Planning an event for a designated amount of people can get tricky. When a venue can only accommodate a set number of guests, problems arise with 1) how to fit the people and 2) which people will be able to attend. However, when you hold an event outside, the space is open, fluid, and can be easily manipulated to make space for multiple attendees. An event tent is a perfect way to achieve your vision for the celebration while incorporating all the individuals that matter.

Blank Slate

Decor and layout for an event are always the number one priority (along with the food). An event tent is the easiest way to achieve your vision because it is a blank slate. Tents allow the decorations, theme, and layout to be limitless and are also a versatile space that can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.

Things to Consider

The size of the event tent will depend on a few factors:

  1. The number of guests attending the event.
  2. The seating arrangements and seating style for the event (theater style, cocktails, banquet, sit down dinner).
  3. The accessories needed to serve guests (beverage service space, caterer’s prep area, sculptures/wedding cake stand, event decor, dance floor, etc.)
  4. The time of the event (season and day) and any additional items needed such as heaters, lights, and decor to keep guests comfortable.

The Numbers

Figuring out what tent size you need comes down to some simple math.

Step 1: Figure out the square footage of a particular tent by multiplying the length times width (the area).

  • A 10×10 foot tent has 100 square feet
  • A 20×20 foot tent has 400 square feet
  • A 40×30 foot tent has 1,200 square feet

Step 2. Calculate that each of your guests will need approximately 10 square feet of space.

  • A 10×10 foot tent can accommodate ten people, while a 40×40 foot tent should have enough space for 160 guests to sit and eat comfortably.

Step 3: Think about the extras. The equation above does not include the additional space needed for food service, entertainment, a dance floor, etc. When deciding on the size of the tent, it is important to figure out the square footage needed for these “extra” party tent spaces.

When all of the math is said and done, you should have a better understanding of the tent’s size or the number of tents needed to successfully hold your event outside.

Need Some Help

Now that you’ve figured out the size of your tent for the event, the next thing to consider is the style. From high peak tents to frame tents, J&J Tent and Party Rentals has you covered. We know the North Carolina wedding and event planning industry well, so we can answer any questions when it comes to planning an outdoor event. With J&J Tent and Party Rentals by your side, we take the guesswork out of planning the best party ever. Contact us at (919) 977-3691.

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