Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Top 5 Creative Ideas

You might already be having a microwedding or an elopement due to Covid. While this was probably not your first choice, there is always at least one pro in every situation. On the bright side, guest books can be more personalized with a smaller, more intimate wedding. Hosts are able to socialize with more guests, and attendees can add more personality to their messages for the weds-to-be. Here are a few non-traditional guest book ideas that you might deem worthy to try:

Polaroid Guest book

A picture is worth a thousand words! Ask your guests to take a photo of themselves at the wedding (or even remotely). On their developed photo, guests can include a brief message for you and your spouse. You can have a selfie station set up and include props like

  • A backdrop
  • Selfie frame
  • Party hats or masks
  • Comment Bubbles
  • Lips, mustaches, and other face decorations

Make sure to keep your virtual attendees happy and feeling included by sending them what face to face guests might be given during the ceremony. If costs immediately come to mind, a little (a.k.a mini-sized) goes a long way. You could even create a tag for your wedding and have guests use filters on an app and then share it with you.

Guest book wedding sign

If you’re feeling inspired, take an adventure to any craft store to add an array of pens and/or marker colors to your wedding shopping list. Even if you’re sticking to set wedding colors, you could grab some wooden letters and paint them. Don’t forget to grab an adhesive that sticks well to wood! Here are a few ideas for what you might want your guestbook to include: your loved ones can sign around your last name, a favorite quote, the traditional “guestbook”, the first letter of your last name, wedding date, a combination of all, and so on.

Guest book quilt

This unique idea brings all the well wishes together into one unforgettable pattern. Guests will particularly like the unusual opportunity to sign a piece of fabric. Take things to the next level by prompting guests for a favorite memory with you and your partner, or top things newlyweds should not do. You can set up a sewing station filled with different patterns and let your guests’ artistic side flow.

Signed Jenga Blocks

If you and your partner love to play games, this might be a fun and creative idea for you. Every time you play, as you pull a block out, you’ll have a reminder of what your loved ones wanted to tell you on your special day to never forget. Simply buy a blank Jenga set and create a card with instructions. Let your guests take over from there (you can use colorful markers here too 😉)

Fill a Shadow Box

You can have an easel with decorations around it and let guests sign your designated shape and drop it into the shadow box to be a reminder of your wedding for years down the road. Here are a few other ideas for shadow box fillers:

  • Corks along with a personalized note written on each one
  • Keys with advice on how to unlock those difficult times during a marriage
  • Seashells with a wish for the couple’s future
  • Have guests paint a rock to add to your shadow box or garden
  • Wooden pieces with inspiring song quotes
  • You can include other decorations like flowers, pictures, and other small keepsakes from the wedding day.

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