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Wedding Day

It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!

You made it! You are gonna go down that aisle looking in to a sea of warm smiles and wide eyes all staring back at you, giving you the attention you deserve. Get ready to start forever with the person who completes you. Grab their hand, exchange your vows and take comfort in knowing that your fairytale has come true and all of those months of planning have led up to that one perfect moment in which you realize you are going to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

Don’t Freak Out

Don’t let the stress of the big day keep you from enjoying it. Deep breaths, you planned for this.


Bring a Pair of Comfy Shoes

You may want to walk around in your Cinderella shoes to show off, but after a while they may get uncomfortable. This is especially true if you need to walk around the property to take pictures. You don’t want to try hike in your heels.

Have Your Toiletries Ready

You may want to have some extra toiletries on hand in case anything happens. Items like, makeup wipes, tooth brush, nail file, Advil, deodorant, etc. Just a few extra safeties in case you need them.


Check on the Other Half

Send someone over or have a designated person to be sure the husband and his group are all prepared. Someone needs to be able to crack a whip if necessary.


Write a Love Note

Today is a big deal. You probably have a bunch of thoughts and emotions running through your head right now. Take a moment to write something sweet to your significant other. Let you partner know how nervous and excited you are to see them. This gesture will be something that adds to the magic of the day.


Gather Up all Clothes

Before the evening is over and people begin to depart, designate someone to return all rented items of clothing. Everyone may wish to return their own pieces, however if you paid for the rentals, you want to make sure no one forgets a tie in there car or leaves a vest where it could get damaged. Having one person handling this task will make it easier on everyone.


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