Understanding the Four C’s of Diamonds

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight

Popping the question soon? Selecting your dream engagement ring is based on the idea of the Four C’s.  

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight

These four characteristics are the most important concepts to understand when purchasing an engagement ring because it’s what makes the ring sparkle and shine. With years in the wedding industry, our staff at J&J Tent and Party Rentals wanted to help you better understand how the cut, color, clarity and carat weight factor into your engagement ring selection. 


The most important of the 4C’s is the cut of the diamond because it has a significant influence on the sparkle. The diamond’s cut refers to how well-proportioned the dimensions of the diamond are when it comes to the facets. (Facets are the flat surface cuts that create sparkle or brilliance.) The diamond’s cut is more than just the shape (round, heart, oval) — a diamond’s cut grade predicts levels of brightness, fire and scintillations. Weight ratio, durability, polish and symmetry are all included in a diamond’s cut grading system that ranges from poor/fair to ideal. 


The second most important factor is the color — or lack thereof. The less color, the higher the grade of the diamond. While it is very rare to find a diamond that doesn’t have color, the GIA white diamond color-grade scale is the industry standard. When comparing different color grades, most people are unable to see a difference, but a certified grading professional can determine a diamond’s color grade. The rarest and highest quality diamonds with a pure icy look are graded at a D-F. 


The clarity grade is based on the degree to which the diamond is free of inclusions and blemishes. These tiny markings are small imperfections on the stone’s surface and are often called “internal characteristics.” Diamonds with the fewest or smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity. Diamond clarity spans six categories with a total of eleven clarity grades. It’s important to note that a diamond’s shape and size can also affect clarity.

Carat Weight

The carat weight refers to the diamond’s weight (not the size). Diamonds with a higher carat weight are cut from larger crystals that are harder to find in nature. The relationship between carat weight and price depends on the rarity and availability of rough crystals. Although size is important when determining the value of a diamond, the cut, color and clarity are equally as important. 

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