Top 10 Must Do’s For Your Wedding Registry

Creating the Best Registry for You and Your Partner

While there are many amazing aspects of planning a wedding, creating a registry is probably one of the most enjoyable. You and your spouse get to:

  • choose how you want to decorate your home
  • pick out interesting items that will define who you are as a couple
  • splurge on cool gadgets that will make life easier
  • create an arsenal of kitchen appliances that may or may not end up sitting on a shelf

Either way, a wedding registry is about being selfish and asking for all the items you want and need for your home and life together.

To help with your wedding registry, J&J Tent created a few pointers to keep in mind when creating your list. 

1. Get the Registry Done Early

The earlier, the better. As soon as possible, after accepting or extending your offer of engagement, you should start thinking about registries. This gives guests free rein as far as deciding when and what they want to gift. Last-minute makes everyone stressed and you want to decrease that probability for your guests.

2. Take Stock of What You Need

You and your partner should consider what you already have (and will keep) versus what you have (and will get rid of). Consider having multiple options or sets when it comes to dishes. You might want your everyday dish sets and your special occasion set as well. Don’t forget to keep color coordination in mind.

3. Ask for Help

Closed mouths don’t get fed – period! Ask loved ones who might have gone through this process to show you the ropes of setting up registries. Make sure the store has flexible options for buying (online vs in store); if not, does the store have multiple locations? The more info you have, the easier the process will be, and in turn, things will work out better.

4. Choose More Than One Spot

Give your guests some flexibility and allow them to choose from 2-4 registries. Even if you prefer smaller stores, be sure to choose some recognizable bigger names too (e.g., Target, Amazon, Walmart). Choose certain categories for each store to avoid duplicate items from multiple stores. Maybe Walmart has good prices for kitchenware, but Target’s selection of decor is on point. The possibilities are limitless!

5. Make Sure to Create Your List As a Couple

Creating a registry should be interactive for you and your spouse. Both of you should have a say in what’s requested on your registries. Make a plan for the home style you’re going for and divide and conquer the categories. Compare notes and swap lists to get the “okay” from one another before finalizing. Remember: brush off naysayers. This is all about you and your spouse. After all, it’s your house.

6. Take Your Time

To avoid regrets later down the line, it’s okay to take your time and be thoughtful in the planning and the deciding portion of creating your registries. Allow some leeway and remember that you can always add to your list later. Look around your house (or a family member’s) and see what are some home essentials. Ask around to see what others might have wished they had or maybe even didn’t have when it comes to making your new house a home.

7. Consider Setting Up a Donation Page for Your Honeymoon or Local Foundation

You and your spouse can choose a local foundation to donate all or a portion of proceeds to. Help fund local homeless shelters, soldiers, people with disabilities, organizations for those with diseases, religious places of gathering, etc. There’s always an organization that could use donations.

8. Think Outside the Box (Not Just Plates and Dinnerware)

If you and your spouse are already living together and have established that you do not need the ordinary registry go-to’s, create a registry for cash (maybe a GoFundMe) or honeymoon experiences (Groupon) for a couples massage, tour, and so on.

9. Think About Doing an Amazon Prime Wish List So Guests Can Mail a Gift to You

Amazon is definitely a go-to shopping destination during the pandemic. Start a registry here so guests can mail gifts to you without having to worry about pick-up options.

10. Don’t Forget the “Thank You Cards”

Don’t forget to show your appreciation by sending handwritten thank you letters to those who’ve sent you and your spouse gifts. A good rule of thumb is to send these within two months of your return from your honeymoon.

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