Tips for Planning a Wedding During the Holiday Season

Planning a wedding in Raleigh doesn't have to be hard

A Holiday Wedding Can Be Incredibly Romantic.

Everywhere you look – from streetscapes to hotels to restaurants – there’s a soft glow around. Lights are twinkling, trees are adorned, and store windows are decked out in charming scenes. It’s truly a magical time of year.

Things to Consider When Planning a Holiday Wedding

But there are some things to consider when planning a wedding around the holidays if you really want to it work. December is an incredibly busy and hectic time for people, venues book far in advance, and without careful planning, you could end up driving yourself crazy.

Ask any wedding planning pro and they’ll tell you a holiday wedding is absolutely doable… As long as you pay attention to some essential advice before getting started.


Book Early

Whatever you do, plan in advance and get your date on the books early! Raleigh is an awesome and growing city with great venues. It’s also a town where more and more companies are setting up shop and searching for unique places to host their holiday parties. That means you should be exploring venues as much as a year in advance to ensure you’ll be able to secure your dream location without difficulty.

Booking the venue early will also give you plenty of time to explore ancillary details like chair, table, tent, and linen rentals, and play with color and style choices so you get the perfect feel when the big day finally comes.

Expect to Pay Higher Prices

December is a high-demand time to get married. This translates to higher costs than you would experience if you chose a wedding date from January through March or in April or November, which are the least expensive times of year. We aren’t discouraging your holiday wedding – we just want you to be prepared for higher prices. If you’re on a budget, you may want to be thinking about other places where you can be frugal in your planning.

Be Flexible Regarding the Day of the Week

Though Saturdays are currently the most popular day of the week for weddings, might we suggest considering a Friday evening or a Sunday affair for your holiday nuptials? Here’s why – most holiday parties tend to take place on Saturdays. Why not give your guests some breathing room so they can celebrate your special day with you, and still feel like they have weekend planning time for other holiday events and family time? You may have a better turnout if you welcome some flexibility in your planning.

Give Your Guests Plenty of Time to Plan

Keep in mind that holiday calendars begin booking up as early as October (we already have two holiday parties on our calendar and it’s not even Halloween!). If you want to ensure you’ll have a great turnout for your event, think about sending out Save the Date cards six months in advance. This way, you’ll be far ahead of the curve in terms of planning, securing a prime spot on everyone’s schedule.

Avoid Holiday Overload at Your Wedding

The key to a great holiday wedding is subtlety. Take advantage of the festive decor and feel already in place, enhance it with your own theme and colors. But don’t make the mistake of infusing holiday overload. This means avoiding overtly holiday music, and toning down decor or wedding favors that are specifically holiday related. A tree ornament is a great idea for a favor. Just remember – this is your wedding, not another holiday party. It should be special in that it speaks to your romantic day – the holiday should be a pleasant backdrop.

When you do book your venue, give J&J Tent & Party Rentals a call at (919) 977-3691 or look at our wedding booking page to help you with all of the details for your rental needs, even the ones you might not have thought about!

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