Throwing Your COVID-19 Wedding or Not

Throwing Your COVID-19 Wedding or Not…

What a COVID-19 Wedding May Look Like

The latest Covid-19 stats list NC as having over 100,000 cases in July and the Governor has extended Phase 2. So, what’s a bride to do when planning a wedding? Your wedding plans may be on hold or drastically altered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tie the knot at a later date. Fall weddings are quite pleasant in North Carolina – an equilibrium between the sweltering summer and the frigid winter.

If you’re going to a wedding during COVID-19, things will look different, but you can still have a good time. This article discusses the changes taking place in the current wedding scene and the options that a fall or winter wedding have to offer.

Things to say goodbye to during a Covid-19 wedding are:

  • Receiving lines
  • Trays of hors devours
  • Buffets
  • Large wedding parties

They may even ban dancing just like in Footloose!

What you will see are temperature checks at the door and screening questions for COVID-19 symptoms. You and your guests will wear face coverings, and the room may smell a bit antiseptic. Seating will be six feet apart even at the reception. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, does it?

Under Phase 2, there is no mass gathering cap for the wedding ceremony itself. However, the guest list for the reception is limited to only ten people for an indoor reception; 25 for an outdoor reception.

Perhaps, it’s better to spend this time planning a wedding for a later date. It’s difficult to put off the day of your dreams, but consider how enjoyable that day will be if it’s rescheduled for a later date with fewer restrictions.

Fall and even winter weddings can be romantic. Many people in North Carolina actually prefer autumn weddings because of cooler temperatures. No one wants to sweat in their wedding dress in 90 plus degrees after all.

Weddings are meant to be cozy affairs with lots of socializing; however, that’s all changing with the current pandemic underway. Everyone will be spaced 6 feet apart for social distancing and you can expect a lot of plexiglass at the bar and catering areas.

However, if your wedding is scheduled during a time of less restrictions, then you can still experience the dream wedding you always imagined. Here are a few tips for making your fall wedding a success…

Fall Weather in NC

One of the best reasons to choose fall for your wedding season is the weather. The days are often in the 70 degree range and the humidity is low. North Carolinians welcome fall weather after long stints of sweltering heat in the late spring and summer. Outdoor weddings are at their best in the fall. It rains less, and the mosquitoes are gone. Also, imagine the gorgeous fall foliage as the backdrop to your outdoor fall wedding!

Popular Seasonal Food Dishes

Pumpkin spice, apple cider, pears, root vegetables, and figs are among the popular choice ingredients for the dinner menu and beverages. Plant-based wedding menus are becoming more popular with the public’s increasing interest in vegan menu options. Among delicious vegetarian menu entrees are: Summer Squash and Green Zebra Tomato Lasagna and Smoked King Oyster Mushrooms to name a few.

More Guest Availability

If you choose to hold your wedding in early fall from September to mid-November, your guests are more likely to be available to attend. You won’t be competing with summer vacations and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Whenever you choose to hold your wedding, take time to do your homework on what restrictions your wedding will be under and the many options available for outdoor weddings.

Renting a wedding tent can make an outdoor wedding more enjoyable. It adds elegance and comfort for your guests. J&J Tent and Party Rentals offers a wide variety of wedding tents from which to choose.

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Want to learn more about fall and winter weddings? We’ve compiled our research into a few blog articles about these popular wedding seasons.

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