The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Wedding Theme

Why a Wedding Theme Is Important

When deciding on a wedding theme, consider all of the details that come with a wedding. Think about the many elements involved in planning your big day, from the color scheme and floral décor to the cake and dress style – but one detail is often overlooked: the wedding theme! Make sure you pick something to match all of the elements in your wedding. This will create a cohesive feel to your wedding. We’ll go over what exactly a “theme” means, how you pick it, why it matters, and some popular themes couples choose today.

What does a wedding theme mean?

A “theme” refers to the color scheme and general ambiance of your big day. For example, if you choose an elegant black and gold dress with ivory roses for décor, your theme would be chic yet classic elegance. If your colors are bright pinks and yellows that you want to use on your cake and flowers, you might choose a whimsical theme.

How do you pick the perfect wedding theme?

When choosing an overall color scheme for your big day, look at what colors inspire you or make you feel good about yourself. If pink is something that instantly puts a smile on your face, then it might be the perfect color for your theme. Search through pictures of wedding themes on Pinterest or Google to see what inspires you!

Why does it matter?

A wedding theme should match every element of your big day – and if people walk into your ceremony and only notice one thing, they’re going to remember that. If your theme is whimsical yet elegant, people will feel like they’ve walked into a fairytale straight out of the movies. Want a Hobbit wedding? Go for it! It’s your special day.

Popular Wedding Themes

Chic Elegance – Black and gold with ivory flowers are an example of chic elegance! This theme matches well with pastel colors or light colors.

Fairytale – If you’re planning a vintage or rustic wedding, this might be the perfect theme for you! Wedding elements should have gold accents and flowers in pastel colors to match your dress.

Whimsical – Yellow is a popular color choice with whimsical themes because it’s sunny and bright. Pastel colors or bright colors are also a good choice.

It’s important to choose a wedding theme because this helps you choose dress style, cake flavor, table decorations – just about everything! You want all the elements in your day to blend well, giving it a cohesive feel. A theme forces you to organize your wedding.

The process of choosing a wedding theme can be daunting. However, if you want to create an event that reflects who you are as an individual, it’s worth doing some research into what works for you and your partner in terms of color scheme centerpieces, decorations, etc.

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