The Best Fall Flowers and How to Use Them in Your Wedding in Raleigh

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I don’t know about you, but I just love fall in the Raleigh-Durham area. The heat and humidity that’s kept us sweating through the summer is subsiding. We’re blessed with gorgeous, sunny days and cool nights that last well into early November. And as summer blooms fade, the autumn flowers burst onto the scene in rich, vibrant colors that are perfect for decorating everything from front porches to tables to weddings.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, now is a great time to think about integrating some fall beauties into your floral plan.

We’ve scouted out some of our favorite fall blooms and provided ideas for using them on your special day.



Succulents are all the rage right now and why not? These cool plants that store water in their leaves come in tons of different shapes and colors, from deep green, to red, purple, and gray. They make it super easy to add texture and interest to pots and planters. We’ve even seen them made into wrist corsages!

How We Love to Use Them:  

  • In beautiful arrangements for wedding tables. Arrange a variety of colors and shapes into a rustic metal lantern or wooden box in the center of each banquet table.
  • As wedding souvenirs. Place little pots at filled with a single beautiful plant at color-coordinated place settings so your guests can take them home as a memento.
  • As a boutonniere for the male members of the wedding party.



Rudbeckia, or Black-Eyed Susan, is the quintessential late summer, early fall flower. Cheery and bright, they feature bright yellow-orange petals dark brown center and long stems.

How We Love to Use Them:

  • Rudbeckia stands out in wedding bouquets. Consider mixing them with larger yellow sunflowers and white mums or asters for a fresh, cheery display as you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle.


Mums, Asters, Zinnias, Dahlias, and Marigolds

Known for brightly colored flowers in reds, oranges, yellows, whites, and even purple, this group of flowers are well-known fall bloomers often seen intermingled with pumpkins or gourds for a warm, inviting harvest display.

How We Love to Use Them:  

  • Group anywhere from 3 – 5 pots of different sizes at each corner of your wedding tent, and fill them with a lush arrangement that includes a generous helping of each of these fall favorites.
  • Line a pathway or mark the end of chair rows. Collect vintage metal containers and pots, and fill with white asters, and orange and red mums, intermixed with fall gourds or pumpkins.



Fragrant and unique, eucalyptus is a pretty fall plant that goes well with succulents and rudbeckia.

How We Love to Use It:

  • Use large eucalyptus bunches to tie back sheer tenting fabric
  • Cover tent framework with swags of eucalyptus, rudbeckia, and aster.
  • Use garlands of eucalyptus, along the length of rectangular banquet tables, adding sprigs of heather and aster mixed intermittently throughout.


At J&J Tent & Party Rentals we love to see how local floral designers imagine new uses for fall florals. Whatever shape, texture, and color flower you and your floral partner choose, don’t forget to work with us to consider linen colors, chair styles, and tent styles that will perfectly coordinate with your blooms! Contact us at 919-977-3691 for ideas and inspiration.


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