Summer 2020 Wedding Trends

Summer 2020 Wedding Trends

Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding

COVID-19 may have put a damper on the booming spring wedding season, but not to worry. Summer is here! Summer is the next best season for planning your wedding, and we’ve gathered some of the most popular summer wedding trends.

Small Weddings are in!

Micro weddings turn the celebration into an exclusive party of 40 people or less. This is for the budget-minded bride who wants an elegant ceremony at a fraction of the cost of the big weddings that you read about in Bride magazines. Who wants to spend $20,000 plus if they don’t have to? A small wedding is ideal for introverts, too, and allows for more personalization. So, with a micro wedding you can deliver big on a small scale. You’ll be able to spend more on elaborate touches for a select few, rather than going cheap on a mass amount of guests. J&J Tent and Party Rentals offer a wide variety of quality wedding tents for rental. A wedding tent is great for summer outdoor weddings. Keep the pollen off your guests with a wedding tent!

Citrus and Blooms

A ceremony aisle decorated with flowers is the standard of any wedding, but orange trees are gaining popularity for 2020 summer weddings. Flowers and oranges are a beautiful combination especially on the last row of the ceremony chairs. You could add a mix of roses for more beauty.

Inclusive Menus

As with any wedding in any season, always be considerate of guests with food allergies. Everyone wants to enjoy the festivities, but no one wants an emergency situation as a result of undisclosed ingredients in catered food. Are there any vegans on your guest list? Being cautious, considerate, and aware of food sensitivities and preferences is a good trend for all concerned this wedding season. Offer a variety of cuisines and drinks to please every palate on your guest list. Non-alcoholic drinks can be crafted by mixologists, too.

Caribbean Cool Colors

Pastels are the old mainstay of many spring and summer weddings, but this year summer brides are turning up the volume on their wedding colors. They’re swapping the pastels for vibrant and bold hues of pink, yellow, blue, and orange. When you choose your wedding colors, make sure they work well in combination. You can always choose other shades of the same color if they don’t. A wedding designer can help you choose the appropriate hues for your wedding. Keep in mind the in-season blooms for summer. Ask your florist or look up in-season blooms for your area so you’ll have an idea of what flowers will go with the colors you ultimately choose.

Wedding Tent Rentals for Outdoor Ceremony or Reception

Some of these venues offer an outdoor option for your wedding. Even if you don’t choose one of these wedding venues for your summer wedding, renting a wedding tent is a great idea if you plan to take the festivities outside. Outdoor weddings are gorgeous in the summer, so please keep in mind our wide variety of quality tent and party rentals here at J&J Tent and Party Rentals.

A tent also comes in handy for UV protection and waterproofing your wedding should a rain shower begin. J&J Tent and Party Rentals has plenty of party canopies available as well as tables and chairs. Please give them a call at (919) 977-3691 to learn more about their party rentals. To get an idea for what you need to make your wedding a success, check out our checklist.

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Want to know more about summer weddings in NC? Check out these articles:

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