Spring 2020 wedding trends

4 Spring 2020 Wedding Trends

What’s “in” for Raleigh Spring Weddings

Spring is the prime season for weddings in the Triangle. Raleigh has its fair share of wedding venues and caterers to choose from. This article covers 4 popular wedding trends for the 2020 spring wedding season.

Tiny Weddings

Micro weddings turn the celebration into an exclusive party of 40 people or less. This is for the bride who doesn’t need a horse-drawn princess carriage with a flurry of flower girls throwing rose petals along the way. It’s for the budget-minded bride who wants an elegant ceremony without the exorbitant costs that you read about in Bride magazines. Who wants to spend $30,000 if they don’t have to? A micro wedding is ideal for introverts, too, and allows for more personalization. So, with a micro wedding you can deliver big on a small scale. You’ll be able to spend more on elaborate touches for a select few, rather than going cheap on a mass amount of guests. J&J Tent and Party Rentals offer a wide variety of quality wedding tents for rental. A wedding tent is great for spring outdoor weddings. Keep the pollen off your guests with a wedding tent!

Magical Mysticism

Break out the celtic rings, harps, sage, and crystals. Have your aura checked at the photobooth! Guests can go home with a magical crystal like rose quartz or a classic stone of their choice. Sure, some might think you’re a weirdo, but who cares? It’s your wedding!

Inclusive Menus

Do you have guests who may have food allergies? Any vegans on your guest list? Being cautious, considerate, and aware of food sensitivities and preferences is a good trend for all concerned this wedding season. Offer a variety of cuisines and drinks to please every palate on your guest list. Non-alcoholic drinks can be crafted by mixologists, too.

Trendy Hues

Color schemes are high on the list of wedding planning priorities. They set the stage for most of the decorations and bridesmaid dresses. Many brides try to plan their wedding without a color scheme first in mind. This is a good starting point for planning any wedding. Start with a beautiful base color and settle on a second one for adding serious pop to your wedding. This spring, expect to see the new and popular millennial pink, lavender, neo mint, and an earthy yellow otherwise known as mustard yellow.

In other words, bold colors are in this spring. Not that you have to ditch the pastels, but don’t be surprised to see a ton of bright pops of color and statement hues. This goes for table settings, design, and florals, too. Personalization is the trend not only in weddings but in designs across the spectrum. Choose your favorite hue and amp it up! It’s about showcasing your personality on your special day. Expect to see pops of amethyst, coral, greenery, and clementine. Add pop to your napkins, glassware, and chairs. Bold amplification of color is in for spring 2020 weddings. Have fun with it!

Whatever type of wedding you plan, renting a tent will allow your guests to feel more cozy if it’s a cool day or evening. Plus, a wedding rental tent is great for keeping your guests free of pollen that’s so pervasive in the spring. A tent also comes in handy should a rain shower begin. J&J Tent and Party Rentals has plenty of party canopies available as well as tables and chairs. Please give them a call at (919) 977-3691 to learn more about their party rentals.

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