Should I rent a tent for my tailgate party?

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Can you feel it? After a long, hot Raleigh summer, the humidity is slowly beginning to give way to cool, crisp, fall air. Football air!

Whether you’re a novice sports fan, or a newbie with your first kid in college, you probably know tailgating is serious business. There are families that have been occupying the same spot in the tailgate lot at every home game, every season, for years!


Why Tents are a Must for Successful Tailgating!

There’s no doubt tailgating is a super-fun experience, full of tricked out mini grills, cornhole boards, crazy college spirit wear, and awesome, regional food favorites. But if you really want to be ready for long Saturday afternoons socializing in comfort, we want to tell you all the reasons you should invest in a tent rental for your space.  


Preventing Pinched Fingers and Other Annoyances!

I don’t know about you but every time I try to put up one of those cheapo store-bought tents, I pinch my finger. Every. Single. Time. Why risk it? Why deal with bent poles, ripped canvas, and trying to fit that thing into the back of your packed car? When you rent a tent from J&J Tent Rentals, you get a quality product and depending on the size, we’ll set it up for you in advance so there are no blood blisters involved, or bent legs threatening to bring the whole thing down on top of your guests.

Relief from the Heat (and Rain)

Early in the football season, it can get pretty hot on a sunny day, even when the humidity levels fall to a reasonable level. A tent is a must-have for providing cooling shade in the middle of the afternoon. And in the unlikely event that it rains (although it should never, ever rain on a football day) a tent keeps you and your food, drinks, and guests totally dry so you can party on. J&J tent rental has all types of tents in whatever size you need to meet your tailgating needs. If the weather forecast suggests chilly temps, we can change your order to a tent with walled sides for extra protection from the elements.

Define Your Space!

Tailgating is all about setting up a cool, fun entertaining space. While just using your car can be fine, a tent gives you a larger, more defined space, especially when you have a big crowd coming. You can get a tent big enough to fit banquet tables, folding chairs, and a grill with no problem and J&J provides all of this and more.


Making it Awesome

So you’ve got a tent large enough to handle your extended crowd, plus tables, chairs, and grill. What else can you add to make the day complete (besides tons of food, of course)? How about an ice chest cooler? A portable generator and 55” tv (in case you couldn’t get tickets to the game)? A full-service bar? Yep, we’ve seen it, and we can help make it happen for you.


Give us a call at 919-977-3691 to see how J&J Tent and Party Rentals  can make your tailgate party the talk of the parking lot every game day.


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