Planning the Ultimate Winter Wedding Wonderland

Winter Wedding Ideas and Tips

Winter is a fabulous time of year to get married. While some may view it as an unorthodox choice, others will wholeheartedly embrace the cozy temps and relish the holiday spirit. The season, after all, is steeped in tradition, romance and the idea of gathering with friends and family. 

With darker nights and colder days comes the need to be extra prepared to create the ultimate winter wedding experience. From roaring fires to warm blankets for guests, no amount of planning is too much during the holiday season. 

Be Flexible and Plan Ahead

Planning a wedding during the holiday season can only be done if you can be flexible with the date. Due to holiday travel and the busy time of the month, it may take a few tries to coordinate the perfect wedding date. Make sure to plan ahead and get a pulse on what days/times work best for your close family and friends. Be accepting of those who can not make the event due to holiday plans or travel restrictions. 

Be Accommodating

A winter wedding means taking care of your guests and considering their needs on your wedding day. Take the extra steps to make sure your guests are comfortable and content. No one wants a grumpy and cold relative complaining about the wedding day festivities because you choose ambiance over comfort. Consider the following tips when planning for the day:

  • Purchase a basket of blankets, gloves and scarves for those cold guests
  • Serve warm cocktails or drinks during the reception
  • Have an emergency “Winter Weather Kit” for guests with hand warmers and other thoughtful cold-weather items

Embrace the Season

There are tons of holiday elements that can make your winter wedding sparkle. From a rich color palette to beautiful seasonal flowers, a winter wedding can embody any vision. When planning your special day, set the mood while also evoking the spirit of winter. Focus on decorating your space with green pines and candlelight to create a complimentary backdrop to the winter landscape. Accessorize with velvet undertones and classic color combinations for a timeless and traditional look. Incorporate local seasonal flavors into the menu and cocktail hour — cranberry champagne cocktail, anyone? 

Have a Backup Plan

Planning an outdoor winter wedding? Considering a unique outdoor experience for your winter-loving guests? Winter weddings tend to have a higher risk factor due to holiday travel and weather, so it’s important to have a backup plan if things don’t go as intended. When planning your winter wedding, talk with your wedding venue about how they handle weather or travel changes on the day of the event. Ask questions like: 

  • Are there alternatives if the weather is a factor, and how will those decisions affect the ceremony? 
  • Do they have a way to accommodate your wedding and keep your guests happy if the weather is an issue? 
  • Is an insurance package available if the date changes due to unforeseen events?

Remember, if you’re holding the ceremony outside, it’s better to be over-prepared than to have your guests be cold and miserable. Interested in wedding tent rentals? Take a look at J&J Tent and Party Rentals for all your Raleigh wedding planning needs. 

Enjoy the Festivities  

While spring is the most common time of year to celebrate a wedding, winter does have a lot to offer. From a powdery-white backdrop to evergreen trees glistening with the setting sun, getting hitched during the holiday season can be an enchanting experience. So now that you have a few ideas for making your winter wedding warm and festive consider renting a wedding tent for your holiday wedding event. 

Wedding tent rentals give you the option of having your winter wedding outdoors. Don’t worry, your guest will stay warm with the best winter wedding tent rentals in town. J&J Tent and Party Rentals offer high-powered heating lamps to go along with your tent rentals. Contact us at (919) 977-3691 or visit our website at J&J Tent and Party Rentals to learn more about our selection of wedding tents of all sizes along with heating equipment. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for tips on planning your next event. 

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