Planning a North Carolina Thanksgiving that Rocks No Matter the Weather!

Planning for thanksgiving

Planning for Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Every year, I get up early on Thanksgiving morning to run a 5k Gobbler Run for charity. And every year, the weather is different. I have pictures of myself where I’m completely unrecognizable under a hat, neck warmer, and gloves.  I also have photos where I’m decked out in running shorts and a t-shirt. Such is life in Raleigh, where November might bring 80 degree temperatures and freak humidity. Or 20 degree mornings and the occasional ice storm.


This weather uncertainty is no big deal when it comes to planning for a run. But if you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving celebration it’s a different matter. It can be tempting to want to utilize outdoor space when you’ve got a big crowd coming. After all, the aforementioned weather scenarios are extreme examples and the average November temperature here runs in the mid-60’s. But should you?


The answer is a resounding yes! With just a little pre-planning, a hybrid space is perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Even if the weather decides to throw a kink in the works.


Pop up Tent or Full Frame Tent

A tent rental is seriously the most foolproof way to make use of outdoor space when you need extra room. Because they’re inexpensive and oh-so versatile, why wouldn’t you make this the first step in your event plan?


You may have a large house totally designed for entertaining. Or it may be a modest home. Either way, opening up additional space improves flow, adds interest, and reduces noise in an enclosed area – Kid play area perhaps?


Think of a tent as a way to turn unused outdoor space into a whole extra room. Use a tent with open sides on warm days or walled sides for cold ones. You’ll have instant, useable space for eating, playing, or watching football.


Plus, a tent offers the perfect framework for a multitude of festive decorations. Fairy lights from the ceiling supports. Pumpkins and corn stalks tied in bundles at the corner poles with  orange and red draping… The possibilities are pretty much endless.


Everyone Needs a Seat

In my small-ish house, I recently upgraded to a 7-foot dining table that can fit eight people comfortably. While this is a huge improvement it’s still not enough room for an extended family dinner.


This is where extra tables and chairs are a huge help. Could you buy your own at Sam’s Club? You could, but do you really want more “stuff” in your house that guarantees your car will never see the inside of your garage so long as you own your home?


Go rent long banquet tables that can be set end-to-end, plus a round table to the side for the kiddos, and another banquet table or two for the food, if you want to do buffet style. Add inexpensive folding chairs. Put it all outside under the tent. Voila! Plenty of room for a comfortable meal, your floors and carpet don’t get ruined by the wine Uncle Jack spilled, and everything is gone and out of your house the very next day!


Heat the Place Up

So hopefully Thanksgiving day will be sunny and warm – perfect for proving to your out-of-town family or friends that moving south was a great idea. But if it’s a little on the chilly side, a heater or two can keep the temperature toasty.


Out on the deck, a series of tall propane heaters are super-effective for warming up a space. Or if you’re having your meal outside in the tent, a tent heater can keep the space at a balmy 75 degrees. Because heaters can be expensive (depending on the size it can set you back as much as $300), renting multiple heaters may be a better option.


If you love some of these ideas on using hybrid space for your Thanksgiving celebration, give us a call at (919) 977-3691. If you’re uncertain about how much heat is needed to make your guests comfortable, or the type of tent that’s best for your space, or the cost effectiveness of renting over buying, we can help. Just don’t forget to save us some turkey when the big day is done!

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