Planning a Mother’s Day Lunch To Remember

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Admit it – Moms are awesome – and with Mother’s Day just around the corner the pressure is on to come up with a fabulous idea she won’t soon forget.

You might think Sunday brunch is too ‘been there, done that,’ but what if you could ditch the long lines, busy restaurants, and standard breakfast fare, and have a beautiful brunch al fresco instead?

A garden brunch allows flexibility and provides an indulgent start to the day for all of the special ladies in attendance. And it’s easier to plan than you might think!

The Perfect Setting

Want an instant garden setting? You’re in luck. Raleigh has plethora of flower-filled venues offering party rentals for a nominal fee – try the Raleigh Rose Garden, or the JC Raulston Arboretum for starters. Since May is peak bloom season, there should be plenty of beautiful, fragrant flowers to complement your event.

Want something more budget-friendly? Your backyard is a convenient option! Scout out a pretty spot with natural interest, ideally in a flat, grassy location. Consider proximity to your house for easy access to your preparation area.

It’s All About The Food …

Mother’s Day brunch should be indulgent with plenty of food Mom loves. Fill a table with pastries from local bakeries, perhaps pain au chocolat for a French flair, or fruit muffins and buttery southern biscuits for local appeal. Add fruit salad, and use chafing dishes for traditional breakfast items like sausage, bacon, eggs, and grits.

… And Drinks

Don’t forget traditional brunch cocktails like mimosas and bloody marys, and be sure to include juice, coffee, southern sweet tea, and hot chocolate for the little ones.

Cover Yourself

Ideally, Mother’s Day will bring blue skies and perfect temperatures but it’s best to cover your bases just in case. There’s always the chance of warmer-than-expected weather or errant spring showers. A tent rentals a good way to guarantee a shady, dry spot and ensure guests remain comfortable and happy.

Set A Beautiful Table

Great parties are made of great conversations. On Mother’s Day, especially, you want everyone to enjoy each other’s company. Table size and arrangement can help make this happen.

Foodie extraordinaire Ina Garten likes 48” rounds for intimate settings (they seat about 5 – 6 people) and narrow rectangular tables for larger groups. Both allow for ease of conversation without having to shout to be heard.  Still not sure? Ask us – we can suggest the best choice for your situation.

Don’t forget to complete the look with gorgeous table linens, plates, and flatware. Spring pastels, mixed and matched, will coordinate with the surrounding colors. Add elegant white plates and fresh flowers from the garden in found, funky containers that blend with the natural setting.


If you’re feeling inspired, give us a call at 919-977-3691. J&J Tent & Party Rentals can provide answers to your questions about table, chair, and linen rentals and help you create a fabulous Mother’s Day with ease.

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