It’s a “Boom” Year for Weddings

Here’s What to Expect in 2022

J&J Tent (and the U.S) are gearing up for a wedding BOOM! According to a study by The Wedding Report, roughly 2.5 million weddings are expected in 2022. That is the most weddings celebrated since 1984! While this is no surprise due to the number of canceled and rescheduled weddings from the last two years, it may cause some problems with cost and availability.

To help, our experts at J&J Tent created a list of Top 5 Tips on how to plan and be successful this year when planning a wedding.

Tip #1: Be Patient

Since the pandemic, most couples have focused on micro-weddings and ceremonies that only invite close friends and family. However, many wedding vendors are seeing a return to the norm, with guest list averages climbing to 110 people. With 131 being the average number of guests (pre-pandemic), it is easy to see that everyone is ready to reunite and celebrate with a proper wedding bash.

This return to “traditional” ceremonies means that there may be challenges ahead for the wedding couple. With supply chain and manufacturing issues, there may be problems with securing wedding event materials. From paper to flowers, expect to wait for the items needed on your wedding day.

Tip #2: Be Ready to Spend $$

The average cost of a wedding pre-Covid-19 was roughly $24,000. However, this year, the average wedding cost will be around $27,000! According to Shane McMurray, founder of The Wedding Report, “We are expecting a 10-15% spike in the amount people have to spend to get married.”

With this increase in wedding costs, plan to budget more money for your special day. Also, prioritize what is important to you and your partner when you walk down the aisle. Ask yourself, “What are the essential items to have on my wedding day?” Then, narrow down those items and focus your budget there moving forward.

Tip #4: Plan Your Wedding Early in the Year

People are ready to get out and celebrate, so use that momentum to plan your wedding early in the calendar year. With 20% of the 2021 weddings being rebooked in 2022, it is crucial to set a date early in the year. With the second half of the year (October specifically) being the busiest in the wedding sector, consider booking your wedding in the spring or early summer.

Tip #5: Consider Waiting

It may be worth your while for couples with the flexibility to simply wait to say “I do.” In 2023 the wedding industry is expected to normalize. This trend should mean

  • No more “wedding boom” to deal with when booking venues and services
  • A stabilized wedding market with less of a concern on supply and demand
  • Prices should fall back down into a “normal” range when preparing for the wedding

Also, note that with increased spending for the wedding couple comes added expenses for the guests. According to a study done by WeddingWire in 2019, the average cost for a guest is $430. That cost will significantly increase due to the current trends in inflation and gas prices.

Final Thought

No matter what choice you make for your wedding day, remember to enjoy all of your guests and have fun. The planning and cost analysis is just one piece of the wedding journey. And if you need assistance planning your big day, let J&J Tent and Party Rentals help.

We know the North Carolina wedding industry well, so we can answer any questions you may have about throwing your wedding or engagement party. With J&J Tent and Party Rentals by your side through every step in this process, soon enough, it will be time to say “I do.” Contact us at (919) 977-3691.

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