How to Entertain Children at a Wedding

Fun Things for Kids on Your Wedding Day

Inviting children to a wedding can be a big decision. For many couples with children, it may be the only way to realistically attend the wedding and celebrate your special day. For those without kids, you don’t want the little bundles of joy to take away from a night of fun. The best way to include everyone on your wedding day is to ensure that children are well taken care of and take the extra steps to ensure they feel welcomed. To help get your creative, child-centered juices flowing, we put together a list of fun things for kids to do on your wedding day. 

Provide an Entertainment Table

Everyone has heard of the kid’s table, so take that idea and run with it! Offer tabletop entertainment during the reception where kids can write on the table “cloth.” To do this, line any table that has children with white butcher paper and provide a variety of drawing tools that don’t stain. Crayons, markers, glitter pens…whatever will keep them occupied during the dinner events. 

Set Up a Game Room

Consider providing a separate play area for children filled with a night’s worth of games and fun! Connect Four, Monopoly and gaming consoles would be a great addition to any play area. For the younger children, have age-appropriate toys such as building blocks and coloring books. Not sure what size tent to rent for a game room? Give J&J Tent and Party Rentals a call at (919) 977-3691 or fill out our Connect With Us Form

Movie Room/Tent

Create an epic movie space with popcorn and comfy places to chill out! Make the movie room themed with decorations to add a little extra to the ambiance. Set up a snack bar with all the things kids want to munch on while watching one of their favorite movies. For those little ones that can’t sit for an entire movie, create crafts that go along with the film. 

Lawn Games

If you are planning an outside reception, lawn games are a great way to keep kids entertained. Set up a giant Jenga or a Connect Four board for kids and adults. Ring toss, corn hole and a riveting game of croquet can create memories while keeping everyone happy. 

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt that includes things from the wedding. Cake, flowers, and fun-loving relatives are all free for the taking when it comes to a family and friend centered scavenger hunt. Have each child find the items on the list and take a picture with an instant polaroid camera. They will have a blast roaming the reception area trying to spot each item on the list. 

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