How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Color

Need help choosing your wedding colors? We’ve gathered five of the most popular and helpful tips for choosing the perfect color for your wedding. Read on for inspiration!

Let Your Venue Inspire You

Sometimes it helps to visualize your venue and what the surrounding landscape will look like when choosing your wedding colors. Is your wedding venue a colorful garden area or is it in a modern warehouse venu with a black and white color scheme? Is there floral or patterned wallpaper or gold accents? If you think about what the existing details of the venue look like, this can influence your choice of wedding colors.

Neutral spaces such as tented events, outdoor settings, or barns make it easier to choose a wedding color because there aren’t that many competing colors of the decor. On the other hand, hotels, restaurants, museums, or country club venues have permanent existing colors to which you may have acclimated your colors.

Think Seasonally

Some colors belong to certain seasons — earthy tones go better in autumn and pastels in spring. Consider your wedding season when choosing your colors. Cold weather seasons like fall and winter lend themselves naturally to darker tones and jewel tones. You’ll want to consider colors such as purple, emerald green, dark blue, and marsala red. For spring and summer, consider lighter and brighter colors as well as pastel hues.

Embrace What You Love

A great wedding is one that makes you happy, so go with what you love, not what your future mother-in-law does. Think about what your wedding style or theme is and take a look at those styles on Pinterest. You’d be surprised at how many examples of your wedding styles and colors you can find online. When you’ve narrowed down your wedding style, you can use the process of elimination to help you choose the right colors to fit that style.

Check Out the “Color Wheel”

You don’t have to be a professional designer to pick your wedding color palette. You can use the color wheel like the professionals, too! The color wheel gives you an idea of colors that play well together and their opposites. For example, orange and sky blue complement each other as well as coral and turquoise. These are called color pairings. A good way to build a color palette is to pair a neutral with a bright color. For example gray and violet or gold and blush.

Pick Colors That Flatter You

Finally, pick colors that flatter you. After all, you’re the focal point of the wedding. It’s okay to be selfish and hog all the attention. This is your day!

Think about the colors and hues that go best with your skin tone and dress. For example, if you don’t wear yellow well, then don’t cover your wedding venue with it. If you’re wearing a white wedding dress or tuxedo, consider colors that complement the wedding bouquet or ensemble. And don’t forget your bride’s maids and maid of honor’s attire. You’ll want to include all of that in your wedding color decision.

Let J&J Tent Help

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