How to Choose Your Event Space

Finding the Best Venue Possible

Planning an event in the near future? Wondering where to start? There are a ton of things to consider when coordinating an event — decorations, catering, guest list, entertainment, music, seating arrangements, drinks…the list goes on and on. A successful event requires meshing all of these elements together to create a seamless party experience that everyone will remember!

Get Your Thoughts Together

Picking the right venue is one way to plan a successful event and the first step to being the host(ess) with the most(est). When planning an event, make sure to take some time to brainstorm all of your thoughts about the celebration. From the guest list to the overarching theme, the more you understand your wants as the host, the better it will be to plan the space. Think about the following questions:

  • How many guests will be attending the event?
  • What type of seating will you have at the event? Do you need extra event space?
  • What is the theme of your event? Will the space need to be elegant? Will the event be held outside or inside?
  • What additional items will you need to incorporate into the event? Will there be games, a photo booth or a wet bar? What will the space need to look like to successfully hold the event?
  • No one wants to let the venue limit the number of guests and stifle all the fun to be had at the event.

Hone in on the Event

Different types of events call for entirely different venues. Let’s face it…a party can happen just about anywhere. An amusement park, conference room, local park — where you hold the event will dictate the overall style and feel. When you hone in on the exact type of event, it is much easier to decide on the ideal space. Think about the event vibes and focus on a space that will allow you to create that atmosphere.

Location is KEY!

Location, location, location! Location is everything when it comes to the venue and hosting the best event possible. The venue should be easy for guests to locate and reach, with ample parking and nearby accommodations. Make sure the venue is near a location that accommodates multiple travel budgets and is not just geared toward one type of guest.

Budget Friendly

We would be doing you a social injustice if we didn’t at least mention the concept of a budget. Think about the overall expenses for your event, and then pinpoint your budget for the event space. Decide on what items are a “must-have” and work from there to find a venue that fits your expectations, style and budget. While hosting a wedding in your backyard might not be your “thing,” if your budget demands that space, the attention to detail might be all you need to make it happen.

Tour the Space

The best way to find a venue is to visit and tour the location. Visualize the materials you would need for the event and decide how they would work in the space. When you are in the space, take some time to think about the functionality of the venue and if it meets the needs of your event, style, catering needs and most of all…the guests. No event is successful if your guests leave feeling let down or underappreciated.

Let us Help

At J&J Tent and Party Rentals, putting customers first is our top priority and remains our focus from the moment you contact us. We understand that planning a flawless experience takes an enormous amount of energy and focus, so let us be your trusted advisors. No matter the event type, we believe that providing quality rental products and services is essential to making your dream event a reality.

Serving the Raleigh area since 2005, we have built a successful business around this mindset, becoming North Carolina’s most popular choice for party rental needs. From backyard BBQs to elaborate wedding ceremonies, we ensure that every customer can host the most remarkable event, regardless of the venue, budget or individual needs. Contact us today at (919) 977-3691 or visit our website for more information, J&J Tent and Party Rentals.

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