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Top 5 Reasons A Garden Wedding Is a Must!

Gardens are often thought of as a serene refuge from the toils of everyday life. Stop and smell the roses! The right garden can provide a stunning backdrop for a spring or summer wedding. It offers plenty of space for guests to mingle and social distance, not to mention plenty of play space for the kids. Wedding photographers love garden weddings because they yield the most gorgeous shots for your memory book and photo album to look back on at a later date. Basically, garden weddings are one of the biggest if not “the” trend of the 2021 wedding season. Read on to learn why the garden is the place to be in 2021.

A Safer Option

COVID-19 changed the way we do a lot of things, especially weddings. As America gets back to normal, many people are keeping social distancing in their wedding plans. Besides, a little elbow room isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Garden weddings are outside venues obviously, so there’s a lesser chance of transmitting or catching germs from others. Also, guests will feel more at ease in an outdoor setting so soon after the year-long pandemic. Gardens are both intimate settings and expansive. You can choose a large garden venue like the Duke Gardens in Durham. This will allow you to expand your wedding list. The more, the merrier!


If it’s a smaller, intimate wedding that you’re envisioning, then a garden venue is an ideal setting. Gardens are best for those looking for a small outdoor venue. The best thing about garden weddings is you have more flexibility to accommodate a wedding party of any size.

A Blank Slate for Your Creative Touch

This leads us to the third reason— creativity. A garden serves as the perfect blank slate for you to off creative touches. You can add your style, and you don’t have to buy flowers!

A garden wedding can be designed to meet the needs of both bride and groom. You can do what you want with decor, music, lighting, lawn games, and a wine bar. A garden wedding adds ambiance and romance, not to mention, the luxurious scent of many types of flowers all in one space.

All Natural — No Decor Needed

Embrace nature by choosing a garden venue for your wedding. With a natural backdrop, you’ll already have floral decorations installed and plenty of flowers for last-minute bouquets. With a garden wedding, you won’t have the expense and complexity of renting a hall or restaurant venue.

Many historic properties and parks use the profits from garden wedding venue rentals for fundraising. So, you’ll be supporting a good cause as well as having a gorgeous natural stage for your wedding. A picturesque garden will offer guests a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy and you’re sure to get some picture-perfect moments at a garden location.

Save Money by Having the Same Venue for Ceremony and Reception

Most of the time, garden wedding venues are far more affordable (and sometimes free!) than wedding hall or restaurant locations. Another way that a garden wedding is more affordable is the fact that you can have both the ceremony and reception in one outdoor venue. This saves not only thousands of dollars, but also the frustration of moving the wedding party from the ceremony location to a different venue for the reception. Guests will have, at most, a short walk between the reception and ceremony.

Let J&J Tent Help

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