Engagement Ring Cuts

Which Style is Right for YOU

Searching for the perfect engagement ring starts with a basic understanding of each diamond cut. Exploring diamond shapes comes down to understanding each cut, style, and design. While every style is gorgeous in its own right, finding the perfect engagement ring depends on personal preference.  

Why Are There Different Diamond Shapes?

Each diamond shape is cut to certain specifications to reflect light differently. These shapes give the diamond its fire (light dispersion), brilliance (reflection of white light) and sparkle. Choosing the right diamond shape can be difficult because so many beautiful choices exist. Below is a list of the most popular diamond shapes with their characteristics. 

  • Before you read about the top nine diamond shapes, make sure to better understand the 4C’s of Diamonds. 

Diamond Cuts

  1. Standard Round: The round diamond is the most popular cut due to its perfectly symmetrical nature. For hundreds of years, diamond cutters have been perfecting this cut to maximize the fire, sparkle and brilliance. This classic-looking diamond has 58 facets (flat surfaces) that give the diamond its brilliance, fire, sparkle and versatility. 
  2. Princess: The princess cut can be both square and rectangular with many variations. This is the most similar to the round cut but with a squared shape. In addition, this isn’t as standardized, so with a unique cut you can choose the qualities you want.
  3. Oval: The oval cut is a classy choice with a modern twist. The diamond has incredible brilliance, similar to the round cut. This style has the advantage of looking wonderful on long, slender fingers. 
  4. Cushion: Also referred to as the “pillow-cut,” the cushion diamond has impeccable brilliance and clarity due to the round corners and large facets. The diamond can have a square or rectangular shape. 
  5. Pear: The pear cut mimics the shape of a teardrop. This holds more color than other shapes while creating a soft and delicate look. Symmetry is important with a pear shaped diamond. 
  6. Asscher: The Asscher diamond is often mistaken for the emerald cut; however, an Asscher is square. This diamond boasts 45-degree angles at the corners, which creates a dramatic look. 
  7. Marquise: The marquise cut emphasizes the size of the diamond and is a stunning choice for light reflection. The elongated shape makes the finger appear longer and more slender. 
  8. Emerald: The emerald cut showcases a diamond’s clarity with a large rectangular table, making the diamond color more apparent. While the style is more vintage in nature, it is a classic shape that looks great in a variety of settings. 
  9. Radiant: With 70 facets for ultimate light reflections, the radiant diamond features uniquely trimmed corners that combine the emerald cut with the round. 

Choosing the Ideal Cut

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, make sure to educate yourself on the cut types and pick the option that is best for you! An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and you want to be confident in your decision! 

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