Elopements Are the New Trend of 2021

Elope Now, Party Later

Two thousand twenty-one is the year of new trends when it comes to wedding planning. From tailoring your guestlist to creating a unique wedding experience through interesting entertainment choices, declaring your eternal love for someone is taking on a new look this year.

One wedding trend that many couples are considering this year is the idea of an intimate elopement followed by a formal celebration at a later date. The idea of saying “I Do” on one day with the intent to party-hard when the world gets back to normal.

Elopement Is on the Rise

With guest lists being limited due to the coronavirus and health regulations put in place for all social gatherings, elopement is taking a more prevalent role in 2021. While history usually depicts an elopement to be an impromptu wedding where planning went by the wayside to allow for a quick union between individuals…that is no longer the case.

A 2021 elopement allows couples to celebrate their nuptials in a safe and intimate setting where the little details take precedence over a lavish celebration. While elopement is a much more low key option, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan. An elopement just means you have to take into consideration your overall feel and wants as a bride or groom and focus on the smaller details. An elopement is about embracing your wedding day, but just on a much smaller scale.

Say “I Do” and Party Later

One trend that is making its way into 2021 is the idea of eloping for the wedding piece of the puzzle but setting a date in the future to party with the “would-be” guest list attendees. The more relaxed setting of an elopement can then be paired with a big ol’ celebration when the health conditions improve. An “after party” elopement will also allow you to plan a party without pressure. You can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional reception but do so in a much more laid back environment.

Wardrobe Change

While an elopement may make sense from a covid standpoint, it will also give you the opportunity to wear your beautiful wedding dress more than once! If you choose to elope and then party at a later date, you get a legitimate excuse to wear your wedding attire again and look your absolute best a second time around.

Planning Without the Pressure

Elopements are a great way to share a private moment with your loved ones while also making your commitment official. The idea of eloping now and partying later removes all the pressure to get things right during the pandemic. Simply put, it is the best of both worlds where your love is the centerpiece. What’s not to love about that?

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