Creating the Perfect Ambiance for Your Special Day with Wedding Tent Decorations

When planning a wedding or special event, one important factor is how to decorate the tent space. Taking the time to decorate the space in interesting ways can create an inviting atmosphere and truly bring your celebration to life! In this article, we provide several useful tips and questions to consider when transforming a simple canvas tent into something uniquely yours. 

Benefits of Decorating a Wedding Tent

Choosing a tent for your wedding day allows full control over the decorating and ambiance of the day. A wedding tent allows you to personalize each component down to the final detail, making the space uniquely yours. From fabrics and linens to accessories like candles or paper lanterns, a decorated tent is an added level of depth not only in terms of beauty but also in sentimentality. 

A wedding tent provides the ability to create a unique environment that makes all of your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and fully immersed in your special day. In fact, a fully decorated tent creates a personalized atmosphere and can be the ultimate “wow” factor on your wedding day. 

Tips on How To Decorate The Tent

From using bright patterned fabrics over delicate lace walls to twinkle lights draped from elegant floral centerpieces, decorating your wedding tent has limitless possibilities. However, when decorating the wedding tent, there are a few questions you need to answer. 

  1. The wedding tent is a blank canvas, how can you best utilize the space and decorate it accordingly? 
  2. How will you organize your tables and chairs to best accommodate your guests?
  3. Are you going to bring in different types of furniture to create a specific ambiance? 
  4. Will you be utilizing a dance floor, or will you move chairs out of the way to create one? 
  5. What color scheme will work for your wedding day? Will blended shades work best, or one singular color?
  6. What types of fabrics, ribbons or drapery would work best for your wedding theme? 
  7. Do you want to incorporate a lighting element? Lanterns? Lamps? Twinkle lights? 
  8. Will you be combining your lighting with the fabrics? Or will they stand alone?
  9. Will you need to use some of the decor to obscure some of the tent features? Poles, straps and anchoring equipment?

Wedding Tent Decorating Ideas

Decorating your wedding tents adds more than just aesthetic value—it adds character, creates ambiance and ensures lasting memories. So, remember those key ideas when decorating the entranceway to the tent. First impressions are everything, so set the tone for your wedding day by using suspended flowers and greenery to create a natural flow into the tent. 

Remember, your wedding tent will allow for a layered decorating style that comes with any larger space. Consider what you are going to use to decorate the canopy of the tent. Then move to eye level by incorporating flowers and hanging lights. Next, decide on how you are going to use decorative centerpieces to round out the vibe. 

If your wedding tent is filling up fast with tables, dance floors and floral arrangements, consider creating a vibrant seating area outside of the tent. This space will allow guests to mingle with each other when they are not seated for the meal. Make the space cozy with couches, chairs and comfy throw pillows. 

J&J Tent and Party Rentals is Here to Help

No matter how you choose to decorate your event tent, your wedding planning just got easier with J&J Tent and Party Rentals. We know the North Carolina wedding industry well, so we can answer any questions you may have about throwing your wedding or engagement party. With J&J Tent and Party Rentals by your side through every step in this process, soon enough, it will be time to say “I do.” 

Contact us at (919) 977-3691 or visit our website at J&J Tent and Party Rentals. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for tips on planning your next event. 

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