Accessorize Your Bridal Gown

Ways to Embellish Your Wedding Dress

A Little Goes a Long Way

The dress itself is the primary showpiece at your wedding, so you really don’t have to add a lot of bling. You don’t want to overwhelm your dress’s look by adorning your arms and neck with shiny jewelry and embellishments. Simplicity can be elegant especially if your dress is gorgeous. Make a statement with a bracelet instead of a necklace that takes up too much real estate. Some necklines like the sabrina are better off without a necklace. A beaded belt and earrings will add enough elegance without overpowering the beauty of the dress itself.

Don’t Mix Your Metals

If you decide to wear a silver necklace, make sure to match the other jewelry’s metal. Also, be aware that there are different shades of gold, so make sure you don’t mix rose gold with white gold and yellow gold.

Platinum and silver go well with white dresses along with a string of pearls. Gold is better for ivory wedding dresses and other hues of cream. Gold doesn’t go well with white dresses, so try to avoid that pairing. However, if you choose it for sentimental reasons, then it’s fine. Sentimental pieces make a wedding special even if they don’t match the dress.


You’ve probably seen photos of brides hitching up the hem of their dress to playfully show off a pair of Vans. You could choose a casual shoe for fun and comfort, especially since most wedding dresses conceal the shoes, but many brides choose to go the formal route for their special day. You want elegance, but without the pain. Shoes with ankle and toe straps will keep your shoes from flying off on the dancefloor or being left mid-aisle during the ceremony. A kitten heel may be a better choice than the stiletto, especially if your groom is Tom Cruise size. Add a gel insole to provide comfort throughout your special day. The insole also helps if your shoe is a bit loose.

To Veil or Not to Veil

A wedding veil is not a required wedding accessory. In fact, many modern brides are opting not to wear a veil. If you do choose to wear a veil, consider the design and length and if it matches your wedding dress. A simple veil is best when paired with a lacy dress. A short veil is best for tall slender brides. Want to go vintage? Then a birdcage veil may be the ideal retro choice.

Some brides are ditching the traditional veil for a floral crown. These are especially popular for spring and summer weddings. If you go this route, consider the flower type and if it matches your bouquet and theme. If you don’t want a veil or floral crown, consider a beautiful hairpin for subtle elegance and bling.

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