A Guide for Seating Your Guests

Tips for Designing the Ultimate Wedding Seating Chart

A seating chart? Are those even a thing anymore? While seating charts might not always be necessary at a wedding…if you are planning a sit-down, formal event, assigned seats tend to make things simpler for both the guests and the bridal party.

Gather all the Info

The first step to creating a stellar seating chart is to gather all relevant information for the wedding day. Contact the wedding venue to get the floor plan and details on the space. Think about your guests’ experience and what you want the day to look like, from table design to decor.

  • What type of tables will you be using? What is the shape? Style?
  • How many guests will be attending your wedding?
  • How many people can comfortably sit at each table?
  • How do you want the wedding party to sit? Are they going to get the VIP treatment or will they be sitting with their family?
  • Is there any specific decor you want to incorporate into the space?

Know Your Guests

Family drama is real and can be a BIG inconvenience on your wedding day. When creating your seating plan, think about arranging your guests so that you can 1) decrease the chaos and 2) increase the fun! Try to seat individuals with their dates and other mutual friends while respecting personalities and comfort levels. Need help? Enlist the assistance of your parents or BFF to arrange the guests and better understand the dynamics of each table grouping.

Organize Guests by Groups

Work friends, the high school crew, family members…start grouping your guest list by how you know them. This doesn’t mean you have to seat everyone together based on association, but it will help you get a sense of who is attending and how they may or may not get along. Try to make everyone feel comfortable and avoid any awkward moments.

Best Seat In the House

No one wants to be the furthest table away from the couple or the buffet, so think about arranging the room so that you (the couple) are easily accessible and in full view of everyone. Let’s be honest, you can’t please everyone, but you can be considerate of people’s feelings and preferences. Think about how to make everyone feel special.

  • Sit young guests next to the dance floor to enjoy the music and vibes
  • Have a lot of young cousins? Create a kid’s table with coloring books and Ipad games.
  • Skip the singles table and let your friends pick their seating by leaving spots open

Know the Plan

Now that you’ve figured out where to put everyone, the next step is to devise a plan on how to get them to their seat. While there are a ton of options on how to lead your guests to their table, it is best to decide on a solution that fits your venue and overall wedding theme. Think about using

  • Place cards that are tented or penned with elegant calligraphy
  • Use escort cards placed at the venue’s entry that include the guest’s name and table number. Think about making the escort cards unique — personalized flower pots with the attendee’s name/table or ornate tiles that can serve as coasters.
  • Display the seating arrangement in a creative manner. Consider using a multifunctional display that can serve as a way to communicate the seating arrangement and provide a visual element for your wedding.

And Remember…Have Fun

No matter how you seat everyone at the reception, the main thing is to enjoy all of your guests and have fun. Make sure to dedicate time to each table and attendee so that all guests feel included and memories are made no matter the connection to you and your partner.

Let Us Help

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