5 Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Super Bowl Snack Stadium

So, your husband or boyfriend wants to host the big game at your place. Even if you don’t love sports, and you are just a Swiftie, fear not. Throwing a Super Bowl party can be just as fun for the host as it is for sports fans.

Check out these ideas gathered by J&J that will make your Super Bowl Party a hit, no matter who is playing! 

Make a Snack Stadium

How cool is this idea! If you are the creative type, making this stadium to hold things like drinks, wings, chips, and dip will put your party over the top. It’s the perfect food focal point that will not disappoint. Everything included is also pretty budget-friendly. Check out this link over at Delish for their step-by-step guide to craft your perfect stadium.

Pick a Winning Dessert

What better way to wash down all those wings and drinks than with sweet and decadent Super Bowl Desserts?  Homemade football-shaped sugar cookies decorated with the opposing team’s colors (or logos if you want to go the extra mile). Help ease the pain for the losing team with a crowd-pleasing classic like caramel brownies or ice cream and cookie pie. Whether it’s a sweet victory or their team lost the game, we bet your guests will leave with a full and happy belly.

Add to the Fun for Free

Kick the party off early and start a football pool or quiz your friends with some friendly Super Bowl trivia. You can provide simple dollar store items as prizes, or a homemade dessert and gift basket. Everyone loves to earn bragging rights. Let the games begin!

Commercial Bingo

Some of us only tune into the Super Bowl for the commercials! Take advantage of this prime time and play a few rounds of commercial bingo. You can easily DIY a bingo sheet with popular brands like Pepsi, Bud Light, Verizon, Ford, and even celebrities and popular TV shows. Use Skittles or M&Ms as your game pieces to make this extra sweet.

Dollar Store Decor

You don’t need to break the bank on decorations. Stay on theme with team colors and create a house divided with your décor. Here’s a list of items you should be able to find at your local dollar store.

  • Streamers
  • Twine
  • Balloons
  • Construction Paper (football flag banner)
  • Plastic Table Covers
  • Confetti
  • Mason Jars or Beer Mugs
  • Paper Straws

Super Bowl Rentals

Consider renting from J&J Tent and Party Rentals. We offer a wide variety of chairs, tables, heated tents, and more!

No matter the size of your house, backyard, or budget, we are here to help. Contact us today at (919) 977-3691.

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