5 Décor Ideas for a Dramatic Outdoor Tented Wedding

A tent makes the event! There are plenty of reasons planners, brides, grooms, and guests love tented weddings—the ambiance, the air of intimacy, that cozy feeling, and having the whole party and décor safe and protected from the elements. Here is a list of five tent ideas to add to create an ideal atmosphere for your wedding.

Pick your Perfect Tent

Take into consideration not only what you want to achieve aesthetically, but also important aspects such as the weather, décor, and functionality of the space. This all starts with the tent model. Pole tents have peaks created by center beams with a vinyl cover. Structure and frame tents have an open steel shell that can support heavy equipment like speakers. Clear-top tents are sleek and modern, offering views of the surrounding landscape. J&J has many options and sizes to choose from, and we can guide you into selecting your perfect fit.

Make a Statement Entrance

A great way to give your guests a good first impression is to decorate the entryway of your tent. A decorated arch, lanterns, greenery, or large florals are good ways to bring that wow factor to your tent’s entryway. Depending on your theme, there are many ways you can create a rustic, contemporary, luxe, or uniquely you entry.

Embellish the Ceiling

Draping and lighting suspended from the ceiling of your tent will create an added layer of refinement to the overall design of your wedding tent. Overhead installations are also a major trend for tented wedding decor. Various hanging ideas like hanging flowers, pendants, and other decorative elements will draw your guests’ eyes upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of your tent.

Lights, Lights, and more Lights

Lighting is key when designing a wedding tent. From the ceiling to the centerpieces, this added feature will evoke romanticism and make for a soft ambiance. You have unlimited options when it comes to wedding lighting: chandeliers, par lighting, candle lights, gobo lighting, and even lighting for the dance floor!

Spotlight your Dance Floor and Stage

Adding a dance floor to your tent serves multiple purposes. Your guests will be able to dance the night away under a beautiful tent without getting their heels and shoes muddy or grassy. It will create a beautiful focal point and help with the table layout and design scheme. A dance floor will also be a great place for the photographer to capture group photos. If you want to take things up a notch, adding a stage is a bonus. Feature that live band up high, thank your guest from the stage, and dance the night away!

J&J is here to help with your Tented Wedding

Wherever you are in your wedding planning process, consider renting from J&J Tent and Party Rentals. We have a variety of tents and tenting accessories to build out your perfect atmosphere for your wedding and reception.

No matter the size of the venue, budget, or individual needs, J&J is here to help. Contact us today at (919) 977-3691.

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