4 Common Wedding Day Disasters

How to Avoid them and Think Ahead

Not every wedding goes off with a hitch. There are always things that you wish you could have changed. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. But there are some things you can avoid if you think about them ahead of time before they become a wedding day disaster.

Avoid Last-Minute Facials

Plan your facials and other skin treatments two weeks or more in advance. This also holds true for any new skin products. Please don’t try a new skin treatment or cream a few days before the wedding. You may have a bad reaction to a new product or a chemical peel that doesn’t stop peeling. A red or blistered face is the last thing you want on your wedding day.

If you experience a breakout or zit a day or two before your wedding day, then consult a dermatologist. They can give you a cortisone injection as a quick fix. Also, they have other ways of dealing with blemishes. It wouldn’t hurt to hire a professional wedding makeup artist for your wedding regardless of blemishes in need of concealment. A makeup artist can help you and your bridesmaids look your best.

Vendors That Bail on You at the Last Minute

This one happens more than you think. Most of the time it’s a friend who has offered their services as a hair or makeup artist that cancels at the last minute due to an emergency. This is why it’s best to either have a backup vendor available to step in or hire a professional vendor rather than a friend. Friends can be great vendors, but they can bail on you, too, with more ease because of the friendship factor. A professional vendor is bound by a contract. If you want to use a friend as a vendor, draw up a contract with them for the event.

A Ripped Wedding Dress

Believe it or not this happens a lot. Sometimes it’s a busted zipper or a rip up the side seam due to too many cheeseburgers or a poor fitting in the first place. It’s a good idea to order your wedding dress early so if there are fitting problems, you can have the seamstress fix them way before your wedding day.

When ordering your wedding dress, make sure you check the seamstress’ reviews and order a quality brand dress. Always pack a sewing kit the day before the wedding just in case there’s a rip or zipper incident.

Bad Weather and Bad Planning

Okay, you didn’t plan for a typhoon on your wedding day, but that’s what you got. A torrential downpour can make any outdoor wedding a disaster. That’s why it’s a good idea to rent a wedding venue that has a backup option. For instance, you may want to get married at a winery and have the scenic vineyards as your backdrop. When the wedding day arrives, it’s pouring rain outside. Luckily, this vendor has a beautiful indoor site available as a backup. Nice save!
But many brides and grooms make the mistake of choosing a vendor without backup options for inclement weather.

This is where a wedding tent rental becomes useful. No matter how much it rains, the inside of a sturdy and elegant wedding tent can make your guests comfortable no matter how bad the weather outside is.
Wedding Tent Rentals

If you choose to move the outdoor celebration inside, consider renting a wedding tent from J&J Tent and Party Rentals. We’ve got a wide variety of tents and accessories to fit your wedding and reception. Outdoor weddings are all the rage in the fall months. Even some winter brides prefer outdoor weddings in the colder months. We have portable heaters that can help keep your guests comfortable and warm. Also, consider renting linens, lighting, staging, and audio equipment from us. Basically, we have everything you need for an outdoor wedding except for food, the cake, and the dress.

Want to learn more about fall and winter weddings? We’ve compiled our research into a few blog articles about these popular wedding seasons.

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