3 of the Biggest Wedding Guest Complaints and How You Can Avoid Them

3 of the Biggest Wedding Guest Complaints and How You Can Avoid Them

Tips for Avoiding Wedding Snafus

While it’s entertaining to hear others dish the dirt on what went wrong at a wedding, you don’t want to be the bride being talked about. This article will help you avoid the mistakes that make wedding guests complain the most.

After all, not everything will go exactly as planned at a wedding. The flower girl may throw a tantrum, the ring bearer may vomit mid-ceremony, and God forbid, the cake may take a tumble. Those are forces of nature that you may not be able to avoid, but you can control these mistakes…

Choosing a Competitive Date

A few days before Christmas or Thanksgiving may not be the wisest wedding date to choose. You’ll want to make sure you steer clear of major holidays… unless you want to purposely whittle down your guest list for financial reasons. Summer is a difficult time for weddings because so many people choose summer dates for pre-planned vacations. They already have their reservations made and the schools may be out for only certain weeks on certain school calendars. Choosing a date around the 4th of July has to compete with summer vacations and of course the holiday itself. Super Bowl weekend is a bad wedding date, too, obviously. You don’t want to have guests who are already unhappy about missing out on another competing event. You want your wedding date to be a happy occasion for all. Whichever date you choose, make sure to let your guests know as soon as possible when the big day is scheduled.

The Plus-One Dilemma

Avoid embarrassing misunderstandings by strategically crafting your wedding invitation to avoid such mishaps. The biggest problem with invitations is letting guests know who is and who is not invited. That’s right. I’m talking about the “plus ones.” Your budget or COVID-19 restrictions may not allow for you to invite but only so many guests. Including “plus one” policy on your invitation will help you avoid hurt feelings.

A more subdued way of expressing this is in the way you address the guests on the invitation. When addressing your invitations, write the names of the invited on the inner envelope. Make sure to add their significant other. You don’t want to omit that special someone (wife, girlfriend, partner). Write the invited guests’ names on the response card, too.

Drinks are on the House! No Cash Bar, Please

That’s right. Don’t be that bride or groom…the stingy one. Your wedding guests may have paid hundreds of dollars in air and hotel expenses to attend your wedding, and now you can’t even buy them a drink? If you’re on a tight budget, consider limiting the wine and beer selection. Perhaps opt for a tasting station.

Consider a Wedding Tent Rental

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