3 Benefits of a Fall Wedding

Fall Weddings are amazing in Raleigh

Planning for them is easy with the right vendors.

Summer is coming to a close and fall is in full swing. In North Carolina, the autumn months are all about flip-flops, the infamous shorts and hoodie combo, and sippin’ on a pumpkin spice latte while enjoying 70-degree weather. The mild temperatures and changing leaf backdrop is also a great time to have your wedding. 

For starters, a fall wedding means you won’t have to worry about the humidity and heat of summer and how those two pesky elements will affect your makeup and hair. On a more personal level, fall is a great time to create an intimate and cozy wedding day that everyone will remember. 


Photo opts will be amazing

Crisp and cool weather translates into beautiful fall foliage for your wedding backdrop. The natural, warm colors of the leaves will create a unique and breathtaking photo opt for your wedding pictures. The golden hues of fall will allow you to play with a rich color scheme and utilize the natural scenery of leaves, pumpkins, and other autumn harvest items to embellish your pictures. 


Fall colors and rustic decor

Fall weddings are about creating a cozy setting that is vibrant and full of natural golden light. Consider integrating fall flowers like mums, marigolds, and lilies into your bouquets and centerpieces. For a splash of color, place berries or sunflowers into your decor. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with heavy woods, leather, and rustic decor to add a classic and earthy tone to your design. Place lanterns, small pumpkins, or antique bottles on each table to enrich the already beautiful setting and provide a little bit of fall at each place setting. 

Think about adding natural colors into your bridal makeup as well. Golden hues, autumn tones, and a legendary eyeshadow to make your eyes pop along with the breathtaking scenery.


Hearty Dish and Eclectic Food

With the crisp fall air comes the ability to play with your wedding menu. No one can deny that the seasonal ingredients of fall are delicious, and even your biggest “foodie” critique can delight in the autumn wedding cuisine. Take advantage of the local fruits and vegetables grown in the area to satisfy your guest with a hearty dish. Take a walk through the local Farmer’s Market to get inspiration for both your menu and table decor. 

When it comes to your dessert bar, think about incorporating the ultimate fall comfort food…PIE! Don’t worry, you can still have a beautiful wedding cake but think about integrating a variety of classic pie options into your menu. 

Don’t forget the drinks! Provide your guests with warm apple cider, eclectic teas, and hot chocolate as drink options to warm everyone after the ceremony. You may even want to consider using a Hot Toddy as your signature drink for the evening. 

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Need Help with more great ideas?

At J&J Tent & Party Rentals, we would love to see your rustic vision for a fall wedding. Whatever element you choose, don’t forget to work with us to consider linen colors, chair styles, and tent styles that will perfectly coordinate with your autumn vision! For ideas and inspiration, contact us at 919-977-3691.  

Remember, no one will cover your wedding better than J & J Tent! 

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