2022 Wedding Menu Trends

Food Choices for Any Style Wedding

Curious about the 2022 wedding menu trends? Caterers around the country are already seeing patterns as orders come in for this year’s wedding boom. If you are looking for inspiration, read on to learn more about the menu focus for this year.

Seated Dinner

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, there is a slight pivot to seated dining options at weddings. While seated dinners are always trending in the wedding world, there is a current shift moving away from buffets or family-style dining and going for a traditional dish served individually. These seated dinners can be as simple as a plate of comfort food to an elaborate 4-course meal.

Local Eats

Another trend sweeping the wedding scene is a menu that focuses on local dishes and fresh fruits and vegetables. With the supply chain issues due to the pandemic, many couples are choosing to stay close to home when it comes to dreaming up their wedding dish. Working with local gardeners and farmers allows access to high-quality products with fewer distribution costs and issues.

Grab and Go

The idea of building your own dish has always been a trend, but this year there is a modern twist. Many couples are choosing to create prepared snack dishes to reduce the spread of germs and put the focus back on dancing the night away with friends and family.

Comfort Food

Childhood memories and a trip down nostalgia lane is another trend this year. Mac and cheese, fried chicken and apple pie are simple but satisfying foods that bring in a bit of the past.

Vegetarian Options

As more and more people lean towards a vegetarian lifestyle, couples are choosing to replace hamburgers with flavorful vegan/vegetarian options that guests will love. However, vegetarian options don’t have to focus on tofu and steamed vegetables but rather on Beyond meats and fresh in-season produce.

A Foodie’s Dream

Another trend we are seeing this year is food that “tells a story”— the idea of couples leaning towards letting the food set the tone for the rehearsal dinner and wedding receptions. Ideas for this could be

  • Using your favorite restaurant as the caterer
  • Adding ingredients or dishes that remind you of a memorable time in your life together (First date dessert?)
  • Cuisine that you love and want to share with your guests
  • Favorite foods from your childhood
  • Creating traditional dishes served by grandparents or in ancestral cuisine

No Matter the Menu Choice

No matter what food choices you make for your wedding day, remember to enjoy all of your guests, have fun and make memories you (and your partner) can cherish for a lifetime. The menu planning is just one piece of the wedding journey.

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