After the Wedding

Time to Spend Forever Together

Your wedding jitters have gone and been replaced with the new and more powerful feeling, being a married couple. Now it’s time to take that energy and go have a wonderful honeymoon. If you are waiting till a little later to run off, that’s OK! Just be sure to spend some time together as a married couple. Now, even though the wedding is over there are a few small things that you should think about.


Return All Clothes

Try to designate someone to return any clothing that was rented. Doing this makes things much easier on the whole party. If possible try to collect everything the night of the wedding so that no pieces get lost and no one gets charged extra fees 


After The Honeymoon

Seriously, relax for a bit.

Thank You Notes

Many people chose to customize these with notes or pictures from event. It’s up to you how you want to do it. By tradition, you have one year to do this from the date of the wedding. Just don’t forget! It’s a nice gesture that your guests will love. This also includes your vendors. They were there to make sure your day went right. Reach out and tell them how much it meant to you.


Pick Out a Wedding Album

Time once again to get creative. Now that you have gotten all of your pictures back it’s time to find the perfect album for them. Do you want to make it yourself? Or would you rather order it online to get more copies? Either way take time to collect the memories in those pages.


Wedding Ring Insurance

You may have already done this, however if you haven’t it may be something you want to look into depending on how much was spent on the ring. It never hurts to have an extra safety net when it comes to your valuables.


Reviewing Wedding Gifts

So turns out you did end up getting two toasters and two sets of kitchen knives because someone didn’t look at the registry. That’s OK though because it’s time to return those duplicates and get something you really want!


Registry or Website

Traditionally, people can send wedding gifts up to a year past the wedding day so leave that registry up just a bit longer. However, It couldn’t hurt to double check and make sure whoever is hosting it does not cancel it. If you went with a website for your registry and or wedding, look at your hosting fees to see how much you will be charged for the extra time. It’s easy to forget and you don’t want to have hidden cost racking up.


Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned

After your big day it is a good idea to get your wedding dress cleaned and potentially preserved. Since the dress will most likely packed and stored away, you want to make sure it’s clean. You will most likely need to go to a specialty dry cleaners, however just make sure it’s someone you trust do to the work.


Get Your Name Changed (If You Want to)

This one is a doozie. Updating status on social is easy but getting your name changed legally is not. Thankfully, we have outlined a few step you can take to help this transition go smoother.

  1. Start with your Social Security
    1. Don’t do this by mail as you will face the potential of rejections and longer wait times. It is highly recommended that you go to the Social Security Office. When you go you will need your driver license, marriage certificate as well as the appointment application. All of these items must be the real thing. No photocopies will be accepted.
    2. Before you go, be sure to have chosen your middle name. 
  2. Drivers license
    1. Do this once you have received your new Social Security Card. If you have moved into a new home, updated your address while you are there as well.
  3. Lastly, you will need to update this list of items
    1. Any and all insurance providers. You do not want to have any confusing when it comes time to go in for a checkup or appointment.
    2. Your work most likely knows, but updating all work items is important.
    3. Financials. This means items like credit and debit cards, mortgage, any investments or bonds you hold, etc..
    4. Swing by the post office and update them. They could end up directing packages and mail to other destinations and you don’t want your wedding gifts going to anyone but yourself, they are your gifts!
    5. Update your attorney, if you have one. They should be able to tell you about what major legal documents that you will need to sign.
    6. Other. By this we mean things like non-profits, rewards memberships, churches you attend, all the extra little items with you name on it. Now would actually be a great time to label that mailbox if you haven’t already!