The Day Before

Don’t Freak Out, You got this

It has all led up to this moment! You’re probably getting ready for the rehearsal dinner this evening and trying to think about any last minute things you need to prepare. Thankfully, we have a short list of things here to ease those wedding jitters.

Have a good night’s rest, eat healthy meals in moderate portions and drink lots of water. Lay out all items for photographer to document, take veil and dress out of the bag early to avoid wrinkling. Put bags and boxes in the car ahead of time and take another look at your checklist to see if any tasks slipped between the cracks.



You may laugh reading this one, thinking “how do I have time to rest when I need to do X, Y & Z.” You can find the time though to get a good night’s sleep. Being well rested and fully aware the next morning will help bring out the clarity and beauty you will be carrying as you walk down the aisle.


Photographer Prep

When prepping the after ceremony photos, make sure that they spaces are free and ready to go. You have likely already done this. However, let your friends and loved ones know about the pictures before the wedding starts so after the ceremony is over they don’t all go in different directions.


Put Items in the Car

If your going to be taking a car, load up the car the night before. Doing it then will allow you to double check in the morning if you need to. You don’t want to rush packing the car with all your wedding day accessories


Check Checklist

Run back through our checklist, our full checklist, to make sure no details are forgotten. Each wedding is unique, some are more complicated that others. No matter how big or small you wedding is, do a review to make sure nothing is missed. If something is, have one of your trusted brides maids or family members lend a hand. And don’t freak out. Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of your life!