3 Months Out From Your Wedding

Stop and Breath, You Are So Close!

Only three months left! Time to get sentimental and pour your love out in the form of vows to your other half. Take a trip to your local jewelry store and buy wedding bands to represent the eternal bond between you both. Finalize those honeymoon plans (the perfect excuse to buy a new sundress!) Your big day will be here in no time! Focus on that as you finish up all the items in your wedding planning checklist. 


Write Vows

Pour your heart out. Be as cheesy as you want to. Pronounce your joy and undying love for your better half. Vows are such a beautiful tradition so don’t hold back! Be as passionate as you want to, it is your time to gloat about finding the one thing we spend our whole lives searching for. Make your partner feel cherished and cared for. Tell them all the reasons why you are so unbelievable lucky to spend forever by their side. Speak from the heart! Be genuine and true to the relationship you have with your partner.

Buy Wedding Bands

A simple band with a lot of meaning behind it. Think about bands that match your personal style-you are wearing that ring everyday for the rest of your life. Make sure to get it properly sized and pick a band that matches well with your engagement ring. Talk to your fiance about your budget and if a wedding band is the thing you want to splurge on or not. The bands don’t have to be overly gaudy or expensive, but make sure to get something that is of good quality that will last regardless of wear.

Finalize Honeymoon Plans

Decide on which activities are in your budget to do and which ones you can pass on. Research some good restaurants to check out at your Honeymoon location. Don’t overdo it with planning, it’s okay to have some R&R, you deserve it after doing all this planning! You can do some online shopping for bathing suits and cute dresses to wear on your honeymoon and draw up a travel list to ensure that you won’t miss anything.


Check the Checklist

This may not be the first time that you are going back through your checklist, but if it is, read it carefully. Never hurts to double check. Go back through and make sure you have all those important boxes checked. In the previous blog we told you to finalize decisions, well now its time to finalize anything that you may have forgotten about.

Need help with planning the reception or the ceremony site?

If you need help and are only a few months from your wedding, lots of vendors are already booked. But we may be able to help you. J&J Tent can cover your event like no one else.  Give us a call or learn more on our wedding page.