2 Months Before Your Wedding

Send Out Your Wedding Invitations!

Get your postage stamps ready because it’s time to mail out those wedding invitations! Make it official and apply for your marriage license and attend your first dress fitting. Also this is the time to buy small items that have big, important roles such as the cake topper, garter and guestbook. Finalize those seating arrangements to have all your best buds together to celebrate the magical union of your marriage. Take some of the pressure off and enjoy a night out with your girlfriends at your bachelorette party! And maybe note some of those jams from that night out to send to the DJ.


Mail Wedding Invitations

Make sure that the addresses are correct. You don’t want to accidentally send a wedding invitation to the wrong house and risk that person never receiving it. Also, think carefully about the font that you want to use for the address as ones that are too detailed may make the address hard to read. Keep a record of who RSVPs to the event and who declines to get a better sense of the amount of individuals who will be attending.


Apply for Marriage License

Here in Wake County, North Carolina you have to apply for a wedding license online before you take a trip to the Wake County Courthouse to apply for your marriage license. Make sure to account for any fees in your budget to purchase your marriage license. In Wake County, it’s $60.00. Take a selfie of you and your partner leaving the courthouse and share it with your loved ones. This is a momentous occasion that you must celebrate…you are so close to saying I do!


First Dress Fitting

Account for any weight changes ahead of time to let your tailor know how best to tailor your dress. Make sure to walk around and dance in your dress as you are getting it fitted to ensure that it is comfortable to move in. You want to make sure that you feel confident and beautiful in your dress and that you won’t be worried about a wardrobe malfunction while walking down the aisle.


Buy Small Items

Purchase everything from the bridal lingerie to your dress garment bag. Any wedding direction signs are imperative to buy ahead of time as well as chair and table decorations. It’s easy to forget the small stuff but these items highlight your attention to detail and make your wedding look well thought out. They can also give your wedding a DIY feel that showcases your artistic and creative side!


Seating Arrangements

You probably don’t want to make the cousins you know dislike each other sit at the same table. Just like you probably don’t want two exes across from one another. Seating arrangements are vital as they harness the ability to make guests feel comfortable or tense. You want to plan these arrangements wisely, taking into account relationship and history. The main theme of a wedding is to bring people together and you want to ensure that your guests feel like they are a part of the experience. Planning seating arrangements tactfully will also ensure that guests enjoy good conversation with the people around them.


Send DJ Wedding Song List

Send the DJ a list of your favorite songs and wedding approved bands. Give them a sense of what your music taste is like ahead of time so they can send you some possible music recommendations. Most importantly, tell them songs and music genres that are absolutely off limits (If you can’t stand country, you probably don’t want Dolly Parton’s hits playing on a loop).


Need help with planning the reception or the ceremony site?

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