6-7 Months Out From Your Wedding

Get a Beauty Plan Ready

So now you are about halfway through with your wedding planning. Great Job… keep going.

Will you choose subtle makeup or dramatic winged eyeliner? It’s time to make decisions about hair and makeup! Afterwards, take your fiancé and best friend cake tasting. Make reservations on any rentals you will need and go ahead and book the rehearsal dinner venue. Have some idea of the ceremony layout to discuss with the officiant and take your partner out shopping for groomsmen’s attire! Finally, choose the perfect invitations to send out to your loved ones so they can save the date on their calendars.


Make Hair/Makeup Decisions

Hair up? Hair down? Want more natural makeup or something more over the top? Plan these decisions early! Sit down with a hair stylist and a makeup artist before the big day to decide on your look. They might be the experts but it’s ultimately up to you as the bride to decide on what look suits you and your personality the best. Test the makeup ahead of time since different skin types call for specific products and may react differently to your skin. Work with your photographer to take test shots of your makeup so you can be sure you don’t look greasy or sweaty in your photos. You want makeup that is high quality and will last all night. Assemble a small bag of travel sized makeup products for touching up if you want to reduce the chances of smeared mascara or powder flashback!


The Wedding Cake

Decadent chocolate or classic vanilla? If you haven’t already, arrange a date to go cake tasting with your partner and decide on what type of cake you want for your special day. Ask the chef what specials he has and what flavors pair well together. You want to choose something that is unique to you and your palate but is also something your guests can enjoy. Sticking with the classics is always advisable but if you are feeling daring you can ask the chef to make different tiers of the cake different flavors. Many individuals choose to buy a beautiful decorative cake and separately order sheet cakes for their guests. This is a cost effective way to approaching the dessert dilemma as they can increase in price depending on the size of the cake. Make sure to get a good estimate of how many guests will be attending your wedding before deciding on how much cake to order. Don’t forget the bride and groom figurine cake toppers!


Rental Reservations

Book reservations EARLY. You don’t want to be scrambling and worried that you haven’t rented enough chairs for everyone or that there aren’t enough tables or silverware. Keep a list of everything that was rented to make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything!


Book Rehearsal Dinner Venue

The rehearsal dinner is a momentous occasion that brings both families together to celebrate the bond between you and your partner. Pick a restaurant that is classy yet still not over your price limit. You can also pick a restaurant that has sentimental value to you and your partner like the place where you had your first date or where you always celebrate anniversaries. Additionally, you can also decide on holding the event in a more casual setting like a backyard barbecue. Decide on who is hosting ahead of time to avoid any confusion. Most of all, remember to have fun!


Meet with Officiant

Meet with the officiant ahead of time to plan around their schedule. Some may be very busy around wedding season, so it is important to be considerate of their time. Tell your officiant about your values as a couple, the story of how you two met etc. Talk about what ceremony elements are appropriate for you. Do you want to light a candle together as a couple after taking your vows? Do you want someone in your wedding party to recite a bible passage? Make sure to do your research when looking for officiant and ensure that they are someone you feel a good connection with that can help you find what you are looking for.


Pick Groomsmen’s attire

Picking groomsmen’s attire circles back to color palettes. You can choose an array of different styles and tones for groomsmen’s suits. You can have them in classic black suit and ties, light grey suits, or even the bold light blue. You can coordinate colors based on what the bridesmaids are going to wear to ensure that it all fits in with a cohesive theme! You can have fun with the groomsmen attire, you can choose bowties over the traditional tie or pin boutonnieres to their suits!


Choose Invitations

The invitations say a lot about the style and theme of a wedding. Play around with different fonts and prints to create your own invitation. Make it fun and enjoyable, your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests see and gives them a sense of what to expect. Make sure they look classy and have all of the appropriate information on it to ensure that your guests know everything that they need to know about your big day. Pick invitations that are visually and aesthetically pleasing. Many couples take photos together to include on the invitation. This is a great idea because it personalizes the invitation and showcases the couple first and foremost. Here are a few tips when picking and designing the right invitations. 

  • Solidify your style
    • By now you probably have you wedding style figured out. Use those colors to assist you. From there you can decide on what kind of style you want your invitation to have. Keep in mind though that all of these factor into the cost. So while you may have this idyllic invitation in your mind, if they cost $30 each, you may need to rethink it.
  • Ask yourself, “Can I read it?”
    • Fancy calligraphy is wonderful and is perfect for certain scenarios. But you definitely don’t want someone confusing the 21st with the 27th because the “21st” had a little extra flair. Make sure your invitations are neat and legible so that you don’t confuse guests. Now, even if you picked the right text, how much is on the card? Are you talking about the wedding or how he proposed? The invitation is not story time. You need to convey only the necessary info like date, time, venue, RSVP date, and if they have a +1. There will be plenty of time to share stories at the wedding.
  • Who needs the invitation?
    • Are you sending one to everyone, or just one per household? Can you just tell your family members or do they need a card?
  • Always double check
    • Make sure that the info is correct on the card! Double and triple check before printing and mailing. If possibly create a master card to compare the printed ones to. 
  • Always purchase extra
    • Never hurts to have a handful of extra cards in case someone drops out or you find the budget to invite a few others.

Plan your Bachelor and Bachelorette party

Its time to plan another major event, your bachelor and bachelorette party. Did you want a week up in the mountains? or maybe a few day relaxing on the beach? Something quite and small or loud and energetic? Take some time to start thinking about who you want to invite and where you want to go.

Need help with planning the reception or the ceremony site?

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