4-5 Months Out From Your Wedding

It’s Time to Start Making Some Choices

Time flies fast, doesn’t it? It’s time to finalize decisions on flowers, the wedding cake, hair/makeup artists, schedule a dress fitting, and composite a playlist of hit jams for the DJ! Don’t forget to to book flights and hotels for that glamorous honeymoon location! Pack some extra sunscreen and your favorite pair of heels to dance the night away.  


Start to Finalize Decisions

Touch base with everyone to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Check out your budget again to see how much financial room you have to make any last minute decisions. Anything left on your to do list should be highlighted. Start off with small goals to accomplish large tasks. Have a decisive mentality, it is important not to mull over the color of napkins if your choices are between off white and eggshell.


Make Music Playlists for DJ

The DJ can read a room pretty well-they can see if things are dying down and utilize your playlists to spice things up again. Playlists also help to organize the music choices by certain moments in the night such as the first dance or the father/daughter dance. It can also convey a range of different feelings and emotions depending on whatever vibe you want your guests to feel throughout the night. Classical hymns can be nice for when the guests are enjoying the catered buffet but you want to play upbeat songs that your guests know when jamming out on the dance floor!


Schedule Dress Fittings

You might gain a few extra pounds due to the extensive stress that comes with planning a wedding. That’s okay! Just make sure to schedule routine dress fittings with a tailor to fit your dress according to your body shape. Typically, the first dress fitting is scheduled a few months out but do it whenever works for you. This is the time to be consulting Goldilocks and to get the perfect fitting to ensure that you look like a princess on your wedding day!


Book Honeymoon

Let your place of employment know ahead of time the dates of your honeymoon. Make as many reservations and plans ahead of time to take the stress off of planning. You already have had and still have so many things to accomplish before your wedding day, so make sure to get the Honeymoon stuff in order early. Book hotels, flights, and activities and finalize your itinerary. Call ahead of time to make sure that the activities you want to go to are in season. For example, if you go to Costa Rica you want to plan activities like watching baby turtles hatch in March through October. 


Need help with planning the reception or the ceremony site?

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