8-9 Months Out From Your Wedding

Time to Plan that Magical Honeymoon

Approximately eight to nine months out, 2 to 3 months into your wedding planning, you must start to plan certain elements of your wedding. So kickback, pour yourself a cup of coffee and get your notebook out.

Love is in the air and it’s time to start planning the honeymoon; Paris? Fiji? Cabo? The possibilities are endless! Around this period is when you must also be thinking about refining that guest list and maybe reconsider inviting that distantly related uncle that you haven’t seen since childhood and send out those save the dates! This is also a thrilling time to grab your sweetheart and pick what gifts you want. Remember what I said about those springtime wedding flowers? Well at eight to nine months out you are going to want to contact a florist to brainstorm flower options for the bouquet and table centerpieces! This is also a good time to select bridesmaid dresses that match the cohesive theme and to meet with caterers to decide on a yummy menu!


Plan the Honeymoon

Talk to your partner about what possible destinations you want to go to for your honeymoon. They might be thinking the Bahamas while you might be thinking Paris. Get a composite of different countries and cities and do your research! The last thing you want is to book a flight or hotel somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of activities that you can enjoy together. Some couples spend less for their wedding and splurge for their honeymoon. Think about what is a good choice for you both and what is most important for you as a couple. Buy tickets ahead of time to avoid the stress. Plan around both of your schedules and according to the safety, weather, and budget. Be wary of hidden costs and avoid these surprises by carefully planning an itinerary that lists out daily activities and excursions.


Refine the Guest List

Start to vote people “off the island.” If you have overestimated how many individuals you can invite, work that list down. Cost of food, cost of venue, and a whole list of other variables can dictate the guest list. Sort individuals by priority and be reflexive in asking yourself who is high priority. This involves direct communication with your partner as they also have to consider who is high priority to them. There will be a lot of compromise in this part of the process as individuals have different ideas about who they want invited to the wedding. Don’t worry though, you can always talk to your wedding planner (if you have one) about budget and refining the guest list.


Gift Registry

Have you always wanted that marble bowl from that fancy artisan store? How about a waffle maker for Sunday mornings? Gift registries are great places to compose a wish-list of all of your favorite things. Start on this early as it will ensure that you get not only what you want but what you need. Registries help to take the pressure off of guests when picking gifts, in addition to making sure that you don’t get three of the same toasters or knife sets. Not sure where to go to create a registry? We have a few popular registries listed below. Try one out and see if it works for you.

  1. Target 
  2. Amazon
  3. Belk
  4. Bed Bath and Beyond
  5. Zola
  6. Blueprint


Contact Florists (Recommend speaking to at least 3)

Ask your florists to see different options in floral arrangements and designs. Communicate your preferences and expectations ahead of time to avoid any miscommunication. You want them to be cohesive in design so they match the other elements of the wedding without looking too “matchy-matchy.” Speak to at least three florists to get different perspectives and to get a good sense price wise of what is a realistic approximation of what the costs of bouquets entail.  


Pick Your Wedding Party

Who do you want as your maid of honor? Your sister? A best friend? Don’t forget the groomsmen! Wedding planning is always more fun with a good friend. Once you have chosen who will be a part of your wedding party, make sure to let them know ahead of time. It is a nice gesture to buy your maid of honor and matron of honor flowers or a small gift when asking them to take part in your wedding party. You want to make sure that they understand their role and responsibilities in the wedding party. By letting them know ahead of time, they will be able to plan accordingly and help you during the wedding process.


Select Bridesmaid Dresses

Your sister tends to be more pear shaped and your best friend is more petite, however your sister in law is very tall with a slender frame. It’s hard to choose bridesmaid dresses that fit everyone’s body type and still match a wedding theme. Hard yes…impossible? No! One neat trick around this problem is choosing a color palette and letting the bridesmaids pick from a designer’s collection. That way everyone is happy and can pick dresses that fit their style and taste. Make sure that they inform you ahead of time of what dresses they want so it can still be in accordance with the theme. Be sure to set up a strong line of communication, your cousin might think that short leather dress is appropriate for a bridesmaid dress but you might have other ideas!


Meet with Caterers

Food. Arguably, is the best parts of a wedding. Take into account your guests. You want to have a diverse set of options that they can choose from that can accommodate dietary restrictions as best as possible. Providing vegan and vegetarian options are a good way to do this although not always practical considering budget. That is why it is important to take these things into consideration ahead of time and to avoid high allergy foods like nuts. Have a list of all the ingredients in each dish to alert your guests who may have food allergies. Food is a wonderful expression of style and can shape your wedding tremendously. This relates back to location! For example, having that lovely barn wedding and catering from the highly rated BBQ Shack in the area sounds like a great idea!


Pick a Wedding Cake

Many individuals choose to buy a small beautiful decorative cake and separately order sheet cakes for their guests. This is a cost effective way to approaching the dessert dilemma as they can increase in price depending on the size of the cake. Make sure to get a good estimate of how many guests will be attending your wedding before deciding on how much cake to order.

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