10-11 Months Out From Your Wedding

Time for the Wedding Dress

By now you may have started getting napkins picked out and centerpieces put together…most likely this is not the case. But there is one thing that you have started looking at, a wedding dress.

Purchase Wedding Dress

You are a little closer to the magic wedding of your dreams but are still early in the wedding planning process. With many decisions still up in the air, there is one that is arguably the most exciting. Around the tenth to eleventh month, one typically purchases their wedding dress! Mermaid style dresses, a-line dresses, and ball gowns all present themselves as beautiful choices to make you feel like a true bride. Finding the right dress is entirely up to you and the style you want it to have. If you haven’t already, start googling to get a feel for what kind of dress you want. If you would rather look in person, here are a few stores in the Triangle area that you may like:

  1. Davids Bridal 
  2. Maggi Bridal
  3. Bridal Boutique of North Carolina
  4. Savvi Bridal
  5. Gilded Bridal


Reserve Venue

Picking a venue is another exciting but difficult choice in the planning process. Venue can dictate how your wedding day celebration unfolds. Does it have enough space for everyone? Can it be covered if it rains? Is there a place to take pictures? Luckily, we have got you covered. Click the like below to see some of the best winter wedding venues in the area.


Explore Invitation Styles

Typical the wedding invitations match or fit the style of the wedding. Deciding on a style can take some time. You want to be able to create something beautiful and eye catching but also something that doesn’t break the bank. Typically you send out the “save the dates” first, and 10-11 months out is a perfect time to get this done. Doing this allows you to stay flexible during the planning process so if something big changes like venue or date, you can easily adjust the actual invitation. If you haven’t finalized that guest list yet, then no worries, just make that next on your list.


Book Officiant

Lastly, you need to make sure that you book the officiant well in advanced. Part of the reason is that their schedules can fill up quickly during the busy season and you don’t want to be left scrambling to find one. Once you have found one, schedule a planning session. Are you going to do normal vows? Are going going to add some event like rope tying or painting into the ceremony?