Wedding Trends For 2019 – What You Need To Know


2018 is quickly coming to a close, and while some people seem to find the end of another year a bit sad, we can’t help but be excited. That’s because we know there will be countless joyful wedding celebrations in 2019. And with those celebrations we get to see all the super-cool wedding trends everyone’s been talking about put into practice.

We checked all the leading wedding sites for the hottest wedding trends in 2019.


Hanging florals

What’s not to love about hanging your floral arrangements from the ceiling of your rental tent or banquet room? We’re not necessarily talking greenery draping tent supports, although we love that look, too, and greenery is definitely “in” this year. We’re thinking more of individual centerpieces hung above each table for a truly romantic, ethereal look. An added bonus? There’s no bulky arrangement in the center of the table to block your view of the person across from you.

Shades of purple

The hot color trend this year is purple. From light, airy lavender for spring weddings and summer weddings, to the deep wine-infused shades for the fall that we talked about in our recent blog post, purple is it! It’s being infused into  bridal bouquets, those hanging arrangements we mentioned above, and even linens to make a dramatic statement.

Mix and match table settings

Texture and layers are big this year, and one of the ways brides are adding it is through mix and match table settings. Think of a metallic, textured charging plate. A patterned entrée plate. An alternate pattern on the salad plate. And funky, even chunky, silverware patterns. The idea is to bring similar colors and finishes together, while playing with differing patterns that somehow go together beautifully.

Lots of greenery and less florals

While purple is a hot color, we’re also seeing a trend toward using greenery-heavy arrangements, with the purple florals as accent. We love this move toward greens, having seen some beautiful vertical and horizontal draping of our rental tents for a beautiful garden vibe. An added plus is that greenery can be less expensive than florals. Brides can take advantage of the savings and invest in higher quality florals for the accents in their arrangements.

Rusty metallics

Rusty metallics are hot this year. We think the best place to incorporate this weathered, burnished look is foundational. Specifically, Chiavari chairs work beautifully for this accent. The signature pattern of the chair backs, accented with a vintage-looking metal finish goes perfectly with that greenery that will be all over the reception venue.

Upgraded linen with lots of texture

The final hot trend we’re loving is in linen choices. Brides are playing with all sorts of textures, even velvet, to add a unique touch to the table settings. These unusual textures add a ton of style to the wedding table. We recommend wedding couples take some time to really look at something new and different as they explore choices in rental linens


So now that you’re in the know, connect with us. We love to help you incorporate these trends into your special day. We have linens, tents, dance floors,  AV systems and so much more. J&J Tent brings 13 years of event experience and plenty of great supplier relationships to help you find whatever it is you need for your wedding!