Raleigh-ites are pretty socially conscious, outdoorsy types. At J and J Tent, we know this is a huge boon since companies are really ramping up efforts these days to engage employees in community participation and giving initiatives.

One of the more popular trends in the last few years has been to sponsor 5k races and fun runs that encourage employee team building, expand family participation, and give back to the community.

If you’ve been volun-told to help arrange a race for your company, check out these planning basics are a good starting point to ensure things run smoothly.

Set the Date
Spring through fall is “race season” in Raleigh, with something going on every weekend. Check schedules in advance and pick a date that won’t conflict with other events happening nearby. Morning races are popular and 8 a.m. is a preferred start time. Set-up and day-of registrations starts 30 minutes to an hour before the race. Allow 45 – 60 minutes for the actual race. Expect another 30 – 60 minutes to compile times and give out awards.

Choose a Venue
Ideally your venue will be near your company. It’s just more convenient! Check into local regulations and potential race routes. Or make it easier by hosting the event on your company property or a nearby school or park facility to avoid having to worry about road closures and the like.

Pick a Theme
Consider a zombie run, obstacle run, or color run – something fun that adults and kids will both want to participate in. This allows you to draw more participants, even those that don’t consider themselves runners.

Decide on a Charity
You might want to poll your employees to see what people are most passionate about. Choose a local food bank or research local initiatives that tie the event into your company’s mission to make it relevant.

Make Registration Easy
Online software programs make registration seamless. Sites like active endurance and RunSignUp are allow you to take payment online, upload race routes and information, and even facilitate fundraising.

Promote Your Event
Tell everyone about your race! Social media, press releases, internal emails, and a designated website are a must.

Don’t Forget Tent and Table Rentals from J&J Tent
If you’ve invited vendors to attend, they’ll each need their own tent, table, and chair. Tents and tables are also a must for after-race food like water, bagels, bananas, and oranges. A larger tent, stage area and chairs are a must for any entertainment you might have in store, and of course, for the after-race awards. J&J Tent can help guide you in your event rental needs. We’ll assist in determining the size and number of tables and tents that will work best for you.

Need help? Call us at (919) 977-3691.  We would love to help you make your event a reality.

Celebrate Your Achievement
Gather everyone at the end of the event for well-deserved age group and overall awards, announce your fundraising achievements, thank everyone for making the event a success, and take a deep bow for a job well done!